Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pre-Movie Gathering - House Bunny

Hey guys!
Due to popular requests(LOL!), we will be meeting up for dinner before the movie tonight!
As planned by electronicfly, these are the meeting details;

Venue : Kopi Oh! (Lot LG-17(ii))
Time : 7.00p.m. onwards or earlier

A few of us will be there. Just come in and chat along! Strangers are welcomed too!

p.s. To those who are watching the movie, it is COMPULSORY for you to come for this dinner session okay?(LOL!) Nah... Just come and say 'Hi!'.
p.p.s. Of course, venue is subject to change. Just head on to the noisiest place.
p.p.p.s. Anyone interested for Post-movie gathering? Mamak-ing?

Till then, see you all tonight!


electronicfly said...


So sad! tak jadied at all.

Next time must get Joshua to organize la, then only can jadi..

♥inna said...

hey there. yeah it's been a while :D

§pinzer said...

yo kelvin!! i remember u hopped to my blog before, and now I get to meet the wetwetwater (that my shoutbox censors cause of the word "twat" in ur nick wahahaha!)

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