Sunday, December 23, 2007

S - A - D - ! - ! - !

Heys! Sorry for the late update on Part II of The Xtreme Nights.

As the title go, I'm feeling sad. Everyone is in the holiday/Christmas mood. Enjoying themselves, indulging in gifts and presents and bla bla.

Where as, yours truly is currently working his @$$ of this wonderful Christmas weekend. Thank God it ends this Sunday.

Am selling milk in Jusco 1 Utama. Come visit me if you are FREE and buy me lunch/dinner!

Anyway, will end my sad stories here. That's all for now.

Till then. Blessed Christmas and a Merry New Year!


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

THE XTREME NIGHTS 2007 Cover[Part 1][Cars]

*Warning picture HEAVY post*

Well, one of the country's largest car modification show/event happened on the 7th & 8th of December, a few weeks back!

There is nothing much to talk about this event except that it was not as good as last year's. This time there were more "kelam-kabut", the place was smaller, cars were parked everywhere. Overall, to me, the place was too messy to be a car show.

None the less, I believe the reason people go there, are not the cars nor the car accessories on display but more of the TXN Model Search 2007 and the models that comes with the cars.

Guys, if you don't agree with me, I think you love Elton John. *grins*

Anyway, here are the pics taken that night. All these pics are taken using a Nikon D70 which belongs to a friend of mine. Some of the pics are taken by me but watermark-ed under his name. *sobs*

That's about all the cars photos that I have.

Till then, here's a sneak preview of what's coming next!

Take good care, God bless! Ciao!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Yes! You've guessed it right. Conquered 2 movies in 2 days.

Watched Enchanted yesterday. It was my 1st time to TGV Sunway Pyramid since they renovated and shifted one floor higher. The place was nice! Unlike the old TGV which stinks once you step foot into it. Overall, te show was GOOD. I particularly like the way they blended animation(Andalasia) and real life(New York City) together. And not to mention, it was well blended(like a cuppa frappe).

Pip was the cutest! Damn love the way he always fail when he tries to tell Prince Edward about the queen wanting to kill Giselle in real life. Just so CUTE!

But but.. one complain, cartoon Giselle looks much better than real life Giselle. I wonder why. Nonetheless, the role was well played. And Amy Adams is pretty. Err... I'm confused!

Cartoon Giselle

Real life Giselle, played by Amy Adams

Dinner was at The Atrium Cafe in Pyramid Tower Hotel. We had theit buffet. Apparently, they have a very good spread. Then again, they have different types of cuisines everyday I think. Unfortunately, yesterday was mostly Indian food which was not what I felt like yesterday. Don't get me wrong, I love Indian food but yesterday, I was craving for something else? I guess... Then again, nothing can go wrong with good food and a good company.

Today was The Kingdom day. This is a very intesresting movie to watch. I would call it more of a documentary. The life of Americans working in Saudi in the oil and gas industry.

Boring in the beginning(fell asleep), but very much action packed in the later part of the movie. You will get to see how bombs are made, how suicide bombers do their thing and how the FBI work in investigation. Cool show indeed!

I feel sorry for the Saudi guy who was stabbed in the balls by Janet(Jennifer Garner). I feel for him. Hahahaha...

Jennifer Garner in The Kingdom

Jamie Foxx in The Kingdom

That's about it for now! A short post after quite sometime.

Till then, take good care, God bless!

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