Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Hey people! Its me! YES! Its me again! Hehehe... After quite sometime, how's everyone? I hope things are FINE and smooth...

Alright, updates about me. I know its gonna be boring but bare with me for awhile k? Hehehe... As I mentioned in my previous post, I was supposed to go for the 2nd test with MAS(Psychometric Test) for the Cadet Pilot post. Well, everything went on well and smoothly, I managed to pass the test. Thanks everyone who helped me through out this test in one way or another. You guys ROCK! :) After the psychometric test, I was called up for the Final Interview with MAS to determine whether I get the place or not. Well, today was the day! Praise GOD everything was well, got some tips from my uncle who is a pilot with MAS also. And for those who also applied for the MAS Cadet Pilot post. Here are some details you ought to know about the 2 tests and the interview.

1st Test = Psychomotor Test
-It is a computer based aptitude test which means this test has nothing to do with aviation(piloting). Basically, this test will test you on the co-ordination of your brain, eyes, hands and mind. Most of the test would require you to use all those 4 at one go. :)

2nd Test = Psychometric Test
-It is also an aptitude test but verbally. There are 5 parts to this test. There is time limit for every test rangine from 20mins to 30mins.
1. Verbal Test - Reading passages and answering 3 questions to it.
2. Numerical Test - Answering questions based on Graphs, Charts, Statistical table and etc.
3. Diagrammatic Test - Looking at sequences of pics then choose one pic from the choices given to match the sequence.
4. Spatial Test - Don't know how to explain. (Tag me with yr email add then I will send you the whole thing) :)
5. Personality Questionnaire - No time limit. Asks all sort of questions but you have to choose the characteristics of yourself. Be honest in this test.

3rd "Test" = Final Interview
-Here are some stuffs you need to equip yourself with before you go for the interview.
1. Information about MAS i.e. Chairman, MD, Types of aircrafts and etc.
2. Theory of Flight and How a jet engine works.
3. Prepare your mind to tackle difficult situations that they will ask. e.g. If your flight is delayed for 5 hours and the rest of the crew doesn't want to continue flying anymore, as the Captain/Commander, how would you convince then to join you in the flight?
4. They will also ask a bit on your own background.

That's about all for this entry I guess. Again I wanna thank everyone who helped me one way or another until this step and I hope you ppl will always be there for me till the end. You guys ROCK ROCK ROCK! :P
Take real good care and till then, God bless! :)

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