Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pre-Movie Gathering - House Bunny

Hey guys!
Due to popular requests(LOL!), we will be meeting up for dinner before the movie tonight!
As planned by electronicfly, these are the meeting details;

Venue : Kopi Oh! (Lot LG-17(ii))
Time : 7.00p.m. onwards or earlier

A few of us will be there. Just come in and chat along! Strangers are welcomed too!

p.s. To those who are watching the movie, it is COMPULSORY for you to come for this dinner session okay?(LOL!) Nah... Just come and say 'Hi!'.
p.p.s. Of course, venue is subject to change. Just head on to the noisiest place.
p.p.p.s. Anyone interested for Post-movie gathering? Mamak-ing?

Till then, see you all tonight!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

MAMMA MIA - An exclusive Nuffnang premier

What a movie it was! Really brought back memories. OK fine! I'm not that old but I was exposed to these kinda music when I was younger thanks to my dancing aunties and uncles. LOL!

Anyway, the verdict? 7/10. The story line was so-so. Very much expected to me after the 1st 15mins or so into the movie. The singing was TOTALLY awesome! It is supposed to be a musical anyway. Meryl Steep and Amanda Seyfried played really well as mother and daughter. They sang pretty well too! BUT . . . . Pierce Bond-nan can't sing for NUTS! I guess his voice is just meant to be some private detective/agent. That low husky voice. LOL! Yeap, that's my say on the movie.

The highlight of this whole event was actually, the pre-movie meet up. Imagine over 30 strangers(well not all la!) meeting up for the 1st time in a God forbidden placeBurger King at 1 Utama.

Nuffnangers UNITE! "United, we stand, divided, we go home!" (Random gila~!)

WTF? Till then, take care, God bless!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hennessy Artistry 2008 Press Conference @ Orange KL.

While everyone is partying at the real thing, here I am, writing about what happened yesterday night.

Well, thanks again to Nuffnang, we were able to be part of this media/press conference of Hennessy Artistry 2008(iii) to be held at Orange KL on 27th September 2008.


This time, the event is smaller scaled compared to the huge one in Bukit Kiara last July. Indeed, it was one of the greatest if not the greatest party this year. Agreed?

Anyway, this Artistry, they had a pretty good artists line up too. Who doesnt know Shayne Ward? Then they too have Until June, The DEY and DJ Tom Price. Probably not much heard of in this region but google them up. They make pretty good music.

The session began with an opening address by Mr. Foo Ken Vin, Brand Manager, Hennessy V.S.O.P. To a brief introduction by the artists themselves. Then, questions from the floor and finally, a toast to Hennessy and a photo session.

Shayne Ward(left), a Grammy nominee artist from the UK. He needs no other introduction. With him is Mr Foo Ken Vin(right) of Hennessy.

Until June, an alternative rock band from Los Angeles. They brand themselves different from others in terms of the music they make.

The DEY, this bilingual Latino trio fuses hip-hop, R&B, pop and Afro-Latino influences for a unique and awesome beat.

A toast to Hennessy!

A "yam seng" to a great event!

Till then, take care and God bless!

Friday, September 26, 2008

SOULed OUT's 12th Anniversary Bash


On the 20th of September 2008, SOULed OUT blew 12 candles on its cake. I was privileged enough to be invited to celebrate with them on that special day. All these thanks to BigBoysOven.

Some of you might ask, who/what is SOULed OUT? If you have not heard of them, you must have been missing out on a lot of things, GOOD things.


SOULed OUT is like a household name in the Malaysian nightlife directory. If you are on the lookout for entertainment + great F&B + awesome hospitality, look no further. Head on to SOULed OUT.

Talk about entertainment, great music they have live bands and DJs to entertain you all night long. Once you are in there, the night lasts forever!

Talk about food and beverages, you want Western, Chinese, Malay, Indian or Fusion? You name it, they have it! Not that adventurous? Try SOULed OUT’s Lip Smacking (SOLS) items. Over 100 items are available at their beverages section wittily known as “Drink, Drank, Drunk”. Let this help you clarify your mind.

Let’s go back in time. We talk history here. 12 years ago, a young couple (even younger now!) who call themselves Fred and Michele started cracking their heads on the future and voila! SOULed OUT was birth forth in September 1996 in Mont Kiara Shoplex before it moved to its current premises in Desa Sri Hartamas in 1999. From what seem to be a quiet and peaceful township back then, SOULed OUT brought the SOUL into this township. And now, 12 years later, it is their joy and privilege to “Celebrate Life Everyday” with you and your loved ones. Come and experience this place with the warmest hospitality you can ever find. They really make you feel at home at SOULed OUT.

Happy Birthday SOULed OUT!

Congratulations on your 12th Anniversary!

On the night of 20th September 2008, it was a night of celebration, party, parties and more parties! Many things were lined up that night by them for the people. A celebration themed “Viva Las Vegas”, SOULed OUT converted their mezzanine floor into a mini Casino for their guests to gamble and bring something home. Where as, at the dining area, the crowd were entertained by King Elvis himself, performances by the Diva Dancers and all the way from the US of A Soul, Jazz and R&B artist Denise Mininfield backed by Malaysia’s most talented musicians led by Jose Thomas.

Diva Dancers!

King Elvis(Leonard Tan) and Denise Minninfield

Jose Thomas and Friends

The man and woman behind this whole big bundle of joy, Fred and Michele.

Next up! Food served on that day. Yum! Come back for more!

Till then, take care, God bless!

Friday, September 19, 2008

How do you cope with STRESS? Familiar?

Was quite stressed out last night studying for 2 tests until I saw the Nuffnang ad by Osim. Since I was stressed out, I clicked on it.

This is what I saw. The guy seems really stressed out! It made me feel GOOD. LOL!

I explored further. Entered my details as I wanted to know how stressed up am I.

They brought me to a STRESS test. What kinda questions are those? Do you experience COLD sweat in the armpits? Hmmm... Answered them anyway. And I found out that the questions changes everytime you do the test.

Jeng Jeng Jenga! I'm really not as stressed as I am. Those are just general questions anyway.
If you notice the middle link from above, The world's FIRST Anti-Stress Head Massager? It amazed me! It looks good! I wonder if it really works.

Check it out here!

Osim uCrown

And now, would any kind soul sponsor me one of those thing for a try out? Have been stressed up pretty much lately. Thanks to loads of work from school and falling sick last weekend. Sigh...

Till then,
Take care, God bless!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Remedies for staying AWAKE!

I have 2 tests on tomorrow. They carry 10% of my final marks. Thank God, 1 of it has been taken care of(if not, I'm surely dead!)

Then again, the other one is HELL! I hate mugging subjects. I was/am never good with words. Let alone memorizing them. I have a great history of flunking reading/mugging subjects. Well, yea, subjects like Biology and History in high school, Economics during A Levels and a management subject in Diploma. Give me 10 minutes to read and soon, the book will be studying me!

And that was the reason I chose to major in Engineering because I dont like to read. I rather use a calculator/computer to calculate/count something. Its way more fun than mugging! To me at least.

Anyway, the subject I am studying for tomorrow is Engineering Manufacturing and Process. I have in my hands a stack of notes, with 90% wordstiny words and 10% pictures. I have to memorise this whole stack of notes for tomorrow's paper. Hence the creation of this blog post.

I went around the internet searching for remedies to stay awake. Well, here are some I found;

1. Get yourself into a sugar rush! Sweets, candies, chocolates and the likes of it.

2. Caffeinated drinks. Coke, coffee, tea and bla bla.(Someone even suggested to add coffee powder into Coke!)

3. Energy drinks like Red bull, Livita and bla bla.

4. Drink lotsa COLD water. Getting up to pee keeps you from sleeping too.

5. Excercise lightly like doing some star jumps or walking briskly around the room.(Remember just lightly or you might get too tired)

6. Sleep earlier if you know you have to stay awake.(Unfortunately, its too late. If I sleep now, I will wake up in time to go for the test)

7. Tyrosine helps with being alert. Acetyl lcarnitine and phosphatidylserine will keep you alert.(WTF are those? Its from the net anyway)

8. Drink Brands Essence of Chicken.(LOL!)

Yahoo Answers 1
Yahoo Answers 2

From all I have searched, these were the most practical ones. Try it and let me know if it works!

1. As loud as you can, count from one to ten while standing
2. Stand Up, walk around in circles while stomping your feet, whistling, cheering, and clap your hands for 60 seconds as if you are applauding yourself
3. Play some lively music and sing along or dance
4. Eat an Apple
5. Drink a glass of juice with a teaspoon of Vitamin C crystals - the juice should be half juice and half water

Instant Energy for Basic Fatigue

That's a quick post for now after so long! Back to studies..
Take care, God bless!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

W3 the Grenade Launcher? WTF?!

Was feeling so priveleged to be featured in the blog belonging to one of the most NBTD creative blogger cum artist around in Innit.

No doubt he is great in drawing but WTF? Since when I like to shoot people? LOL!

Check me out!

Anyway, I think this guy is quite a good atrist. I guess he spends his free(very) time practicing his comic drawing skills at home. LOL! No offence Acey! Yeap! The guy I'm talking about here is Acey. Check out his blog for more of his hilarious comics which will send you off your chair(if you understand what they mean!).

Among the better entries are;

Innit Chicks

Introducing Innit Dudus


And many many more! Check out his blog for more!

Till then, God bless!

Monday, September 08, 2008

wEtwEtwAtEr : The SABO-er Returns!

Sigh... This is the 3rd part of this stupid issue. I'm wondering, who would be so free to do such stupid things?

And of all people, why me? Do I really look like everyone?(pun intended! see the print screens)

To whoever it maybe, I hope this stops as soon as possible. It is really no fun actually. Besides the fact that I get a few extra uniques daily.





From what I see above, I believe this person is GAY! He seems to be very interested with guys. But why use my nick? As you can see also from above, people thinks I look damn fugly! It will do you no good anyway. Why not look for someone more good looking and famous? Maybe you can achieve what you are trying to do?

Triple sigh . . . I feel very SAD for these LIFELESS people . . .

Check out the 1st and 2nd part to this shit below.

Part 1 : Will the real CHICKEN please stand up?

Part 2 : Will the real CHICKEN SHIT please stand up?

I hope this ends here. I hereby apologise to all those that have been somehow disturbed by the moron.

Perhaps I should close my blog for awhile. Yeah! Maybe I should. WTF?

p.s. Will the owner of the above chatboxes get the IP of that guy who did thing? Hopefully I can come up with something.

Till then, take care and God bless!(that moron more abundantly!)

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

MAMMA MIA - Here we go again...

Is it out yet? Or is it coming out? I guess we are all waiting for the premier with Nuffnang.

Anyway, as junkie as I'm trying to be, this song by Abba was a great hit those days. What more now that it is made into a movie. It SHOULD be good? Something like Grease perhaps? Just that this would be more broadway. Or maybe something like Moulin Rouge? But a bit more updated? We'll wait and see!

Also it is the trend now that big time action hit actors are going to musicals and dances? Well, we have seen action packed actor John Travolta from the likes of Ladder 49, Face Off and etc. transforming into the "hot mama" in the musical "Hairspray". It was good anyway, this explains versatility.

From these to . . .

Well, that was John Travolta, in Mamma Mia, we have Mr. Bond, Pierce Brosnan! I have been searching around the net for pictures of him doing the whole broadway thing, unfortunately, none. This time, imagine Bond transforming into a "sissy-fied" male dancer doing broadway.

This is Bond, and soon . . .

Anyway, lets keep the imagination running wild. It will be out soon! Don't miss it!

Till then, take care and God bless!

p.s. See you at the cinema if I get them tickets! =)

Monday, September 01, 2008

FLUFF Pet Store Official Opening! Sept 1st 2008, NZX 牛车水 Ara Damansara.

FLUFF Pet Store is owned by a friend.
It is a brainchild of forum members at HOMEAPET.

"Building up a place we pet lovers call home!" is the main objective of this store. In here, all pets are allowed to roam freely in the shop (Well, not all but the smaller ones.). This shop play host to a few other sections for a few different kind of pet. They are dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits, sugar gliders and reptiles. Not to forget, there is grooming services available too.

Besides being a pet shop, everyone are welcomed to this place to gather around, chit-chat and have fun. You can also have parties for your loved ones there! Facilities such as TV, DVD and Wi-Fi are provided too (Astro coming soon!)!

Anyway, FLUFF Pet Store is located at NZX Mall, Ara Damansara. This mall is a pet friendly mall. Therefore, pets are allowed in it. Then again, as an owner, you should be aware of your responsibilities especially cleaning up after your pets.

So, everyone is invited to this opening which is happening on Sept 1st 2008 from 11.00am to 11.00pm.

Here are more details of what is happening tommorrow!

No 2, Jalan PJU 1A/41B,
Pusat Dagangan NZX,
47301 Petaling Jaya,


Hello frens + families~

Finally, the day had come. After all the rushing and helping by all pet lovers, FLUFF is officially opening @ Sept 1st!

Opening hour 11am-11pm DAILY.

Okay, i HOPE this is a good news for you guys!

Giving some goodies here~

For those who are attending our homely opening and registering as our FLUFF Friends membership for FREE (Free only for the opening day), you are entitled for the following rebates FOR THE OPENING DAY ITSELF:

1) 15% off for your FIRST PRODUCT purchase. Limited to 1 item per customer.

2) 12% off if you are purchasing SUBSEQUENT PRODUCTS. Limited to 1 item per person only.

3) Basic grooming special promotion! RM20-RM50 for small and medium breeds! (Price excludes dematting)

4) Attractive promotion for REPTILE section! 15% off already competitive prices!!

5) Purchase a very cute, nice quality pure breds rabbits from us and get a free pack of "Beh&Yo Show Rabbit Feed"!

6) Crazy offer for hamsters! 25% off selling price~~~ + a free trial pack of hamster food! (While stocks last)

7) 20% off GliderYUMMIES - GliderSLURP!™, GliderFRUITSICLES™, GliderYOGURTEES™! (Sugar Glider's products)

8) Qualified owners that purchase our puppy + kitten will be entitled for "FLUFF Freak Membership" and enjoy great benefits for the entire life of your puppy + kitty ownership! Ask us more @ FLUFF Pet Store!!

* Special UPGRADE to FLUFF Family Membership for http://www.HomeApet.com members and enjoy BETTER benefits! Just print out THIS POST (Original with color) and state your nickname there and show it to our staff before you make any purchase.

The only terms + conditions is must keep an eye on your pet! (If you do bring any) Ready some toilet rolls, plastic bags, cleaner sprays etc. to clean up after your pet. Your pet must be either carried or on leash as there are many other pets which do not know of your pet, yet. We must be considerate for everyone in the shop alright? I believe forumers are better informed about these and do become a ROLE MODEL that day ok~

Also, since that day we are expecting more amount of pets than usual, although the mall is a pet's friendly mall generally, but a non pet lover will be shocked with the huge turns out of pets. So if possible come straight to FLUFF alright? Although this is a pet's friendly mall, we do noticed that the securities are not comfortable with the turns up of large breeds as they have the responsibilities to assure the safety of shoppers and children there, so best is to leave our lovely large breeds at home to avoid unhappy encounters ;)

And lastly, thank you for visiting FLUFF! And I sure do hope you guys will visit us again.

As you can see, there are some promotions happening on that day itself. I suggest, come and check it out yourself!

For directions to the place,

If you are familiar with Old Subang Airport way, that's the easiest. Find your way there and along the road, you will easily find NZX (牛车水) banners, follow the directions until you see a row of shoplots facing main road, consists of 99 Speed Mart, 7-Eleven, Station One Cafe, Holly's Cafe etc, FLUFF is inside the building, in the centre, first floor, right on top of Lazo Diamond. Once you saw the row of shoplots, you are not far away from the first left turn which you will see a ticket issuing machine (FREE parking). Turns in and go straight, until you see a basement carpark at your left. Get into the basement carpark and park as close to the Orange Zone, Get up to the stairs from C38 (only 1 floor) and turns to your left. You will see Lazo Diamond and we are right up there.

If you are coming from LDP(Subang), keep left at Giant Kelana Jaya, do not go up the flyover. Pass the traffic light, take the 2nd left turning. Go straight ahead, you will see a field on your left and houses on your right, in front of you will be a tunnel, go into it and you will come to a new housing area. Follow the road until you see a roundabout. Take 9 0'clock(left) go straight until you reach a cross junction, at the junction, take a right turn, follow the road, you will see apartments on your left and the LRT hub on your right. Go straight and you will see NZX mall on your right. Go find a parking and head on to FLUFF!

Call me if the directions are not clear anough! See you there someday!

Here is a map for reference.

Well, for more information, please do not hesitate to contact me on my mobile! If you are going, call me! I'll be there the whole day!

For now, I better catch up on some rest! It will be a long day tomorrow!

Till then, take care, God bless!

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