Saturday, August 16, 2008

Will the real CHICKEN SHIT please stand up?

Latest of the latest update!

I noticed that my nick have been wrongfully used again! Sigh... When will this stop? I wonder.

This is the conversation I left at her cbox before the sabo happened.

This is when 'wetwetwater' was SABO-ed!

It was nicely SABO-ed together with my blog address too! Damn free is that fellow!

If you read the above cbox properly, you will notice the same nicks that has been used by the CHICKEN SHIT in every sabo he attempted. Also new sabo characters too! Compare with my precious CHICKEN post.

And because of that CHICKEN SHIT, I kena from MikeYip also! Hahahaha... Mike, it wasnt me!

I feel sorry for Isaac and wenQ. Is there anything that can be done to stop this? Sigh... FED UP!

God! Please let him FEEL Your unfailing LOVE for him!

Triple sigh . . . . . .

Till then, hope there wont be part 3 to this, God bless!


Hate-Imposters said...

will the real sohai please stand up!

wetwetwater said...

hate-imposters>>slowly wait la... :P

xKisses said...

Sapsapsui! :D
Dropping by!

j-love said...

hey wetwetwet water, just happen to read ure blog and only realized ure nick has been used by others. sigh... I dunno why ppl recently like to mess up one's reputation and blabber around in ppl's blog.

Hope this thing can be get rid of a.s.a.p. Very sad to see these thing happen.

Have a g'day !

wetwetwater said...

ven>>hey ven! thanks for dropping by!

jocie>>i wonder why too! thanks for dropping by anyway!

Much appreciated guys!

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