Sunday, August 17, 2008

URGENT! - Looking for FEMALE promoters.

Alright GIRLS! Having holidays? Anyone interested in working part-time? Here is your chance!

What => Promotion/Roadshow for Abbott Gain Kid & Gain Plus milk/supplement for kids.

Where => Venue is to be confirmed. Mostly hypermarkets around the Klang Valley and some big medicine halls. Will try to allocate you to the venue nearest to your place.

When => 23-24,30-31 of August, 20-21,27-28 Sept and 4-5 Oct 2008.

Working hours => 10am-10pm with 2 hours break. (working hours might vary with different outlets)

Pay => RM110

Job Scope => Distribute flyers and direct customers to promo area.(simple!)

Contact => 016-6662929(Kelvin) Please contact me as soon as possible by this week/next week as the event starts on the 23/8 which is NEXT Saturday.

Here is what you will be promoting.

You don't really have to sell as there are professional nutritionists around the promo area to do the counselling and selling. Your job is basically to distribute flyers and create awareness that there is such a promo going on. SIMPLE enough? I know it is!

And guys, I'm so sorry, client prefer girls only. Last resort, if we cant find enough girls, I'll put this up for guys!

Till then, please contact me fast!
Take care, God bless!


John said...

11 bucks per hour is pretty low, for today's standards, even for a no-brainer part time job

wetwetwater said...

john>>well, this is not for me to command. just conveying a message across. i know yr competitor la. :P

joshuaongys said...

maybe you know her leh haha

xKisses said...

Haaha, thanks for the comment!!

xKisses said...


Good Luck for your exams!!!!!!!!!!

aLviN said...

hohoh... kelvin sell milk??? hahaha... y don't have male promoter wan.. so sad man.... lolx.. hehe

wetwetwater said...

alvin>>male promoters cant produce milk! that's why! LOL

shinyin_jocelyn said...

RM 110 per hour?

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