Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Datuk Lee Chong Wei!

Well, I got this in the news today!

I was surprised to hear that too. Anyway, Lee Chong Wei will be awarded a Datukship this coming August 30th by the Penang Yang di-Pertua Negri, Tun Abdul Rahman Abbas.

If you have noticed, this would be the second sportsmen to receive a Datukship recently. Well, as we all know, the 1st was Datuk Nicole David.

See any similarities in them? Well, they are both from Penang. And I believe, many thanks to the new state government of Penang, all these talents are finally noticed!

To those who are still bitching about how Lee Chong Wei did not play well for the country, this is what CM Lim Guan Eng said,

"The state will award the DSPN to Penang's first Olympic silver medallist, Bukit Mertajam home-grown talent Lee Chong Wei," Lim told a press conference Wednesday.

He said Chong Wei had done not only Penang but also Malaysia proud with his achievement.

"Even though Malaysians were disappointed that he failed to win the gold medal, we are proud at his singular achievement which has brought joy to both state and country.

"The state government hopes that this recognition will spur him on to break more records and achieve greater success to win greater glory for both Penang and Malaysia," said Lim.

Finally, titles are given to those who deserved it and not the rest. Well, I heard that these days Datukships can be bought too! Imagine Datuk Sap Sap Sui? LOL!

Congrats Datuk Lee Chong Wei on the title and all the best in the World Championships next year! Impress us Malaysians please with the 1st ever Datuk to win a world championship!

Source : The Star


J@s0n said...

lol..Datuk Sap Sap Sui!!dreaming kah???u are not from Penang oso:P
maybe Datuk Jason Lee la..hahaha

aLviN said...

datuk sap sap sui? maybe bapa ham sap sui got la.. lolx... hahahaa

wetwetwater said...

jason>>hahaha... bugger you! Penang Kia!

alvin>>another Penang Kia! Bugger you too!! :P

Iris said...

Well, i think he deserves the title as he managed to bring back a silver medal after Malaysia has come back empty handed for the past two olympics. :)

Chan Pui Mun said...

sapsapsui ? lol. where's your cbox. btw, i'm guide lah. xD.

Avril said...

Wei wei why say liddatttt...but honestly I also think so wei hahaha maybe I'm jinxing them!

Thanks for dropping by!

wetwetwater said...

iris>>i think so too!

pui mun>>oo.. guide! cbox? no more! =(

avril>>hahaha.. u noticed also hor? LOL!

AdRIaN said...'s kinda odd to hear a 'datuk' playing sports. :P

xKisses said...

haha Hello sapsapsui!
Nevermind la, take your time the
straws wont run away! they dont have
legs!! haha You can go get em when you're free (:

Anonymous said...

Then China got alot Datuks lor? =P

simonso said...

Do some good deeds then get a datuk ship for urself also lor ahahah!

Andrew said...

cheerz to datuk lee!!! omg!! damn geng!! haha =D

angelyee said...

Hi..Thanks for visiting my blog..

He seems deserve the title Datuk. Not many silver medal does Malaysia obtain from Olympic.

Andrew said...

i'm going for PASSION WORLD TOUR!!!! WOOOOOO~~

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