Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Yea. gave into temptations again last Sunday. WEnt over to Big Apple again after church.

Nonetheless, it was GOOD! Loads of people queueing up for their donuts! Thank God we were like 5 mins early. Soon after that, these bunch of human beings from no where all came and started queueing up.

You cannot deny the FACT that they, BIG APPLE serve GREAT donuts! Many already said that Krispy Kremes tastes way better. To me, this is the closest I get to Krispy Kremes. No point you telling me that Krispy Kremes is better cos I have not taste it before. To proove your point, maybe you should bring me some oh-so-famous-Krispy Kremes and let me try. Then maybe I can tell you which taste better.

Well, that day, we had Green Tea, Durian, Belgian Choc, Double Choc, Coco Pops and Peanut Butter.

And from that, I tell you that Double Choc is reccomended for chocolate lovers. Every bite is chocolatey. Chocolate drips out of everywhere when you eat it! Durian is reccomended to all durian lovers. This flavor is limited. Made from real D24 durian. Only available in the season. Peanut Butter is reccomended to all! The peanut butter is just oh-so-creamy!

Hahaha.... I'm sorry if I made you salivate. Go try it if you havent! Sorry, no pics again this time! No time for pics. =P Hehehehe....

Till then! Transformers anyone? I havent watch yet!!!

Take care and God bless!

Friday, July 27, 2007


Glory GLory Man United!

I'm sure everyone knew how "well" Malaysia did in the AFC Asia Cup Finals. Our opponents must be thanking the country so much for hosting them in this competition and also letting them have easy way through the Group matches.


Like the title goes, Manchester United should have come! If you didn't know, Malaysia was one of their stops in their current on-going Asian tour. Well, of many, MU was in Korea and just finished a game in China just last week. Well, MU was supposed to play in Malaysia on Monday 23/7/07 if I'm not mistaken. But oh well, the Malaysian Sports Council stopped them from coming. They wanted us Malaysians to support our own country in the Asia Cup Finals. I guess their efforts went down the drain. Not only the team did not do well in the competitions, I guess the fans couldn't be bothered to actually go and watch the match.

Come on, maybe some had bought tickets to the 1st Malaysian match. But after that, do you think they still want to go and watch? It may be nice to watch goals being scored whether is it you scoring or people scoring against you but this is really embarrassing! Not only 1 or 2 goals conceded but 5? OMGWTFBBQ~!@#$%^&*() Am I to laugh at this or should I cry at the poor performance of my country's football team? Sigh...

To sum it up, someone came up with this picture about FAM(Football Association of Malaysia) and it was forwarded in the e-mails. Check it out!
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Well, IRAQ and SAUDI ARABIA will be playing in the finals. The match will be held in Indonesia. This competition was actually jointly hosted by 3 nations i.e. Malaysia, Thailand & Indonesia. The 3rd and 4th placing would see JAPAN going against SOUTH KOREA. It was surprising that both the teams lost in the semis. Well, like many say, the ball is ROUND!

Anyway, enough about Manchester United for now. And if you are also an ardent MU fan, fate is like that. Well, what to do?

That's about it for now, till then, take care and God bless!

Thursday, July 26, 2007


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What an experience! After being talked about much everywhere, I finally got to try it. And if you havent, PLEASE do so! Its a SIN not to. YES! It is that good.

It all began last Sunday, Francis, Geri and I went out for dinner. Suddenly, Francis suggested that we head down to The Curve for the new doughnuts. I've actually seen this place before when I was in Laundry some time back. Well, if you go to the toilet, you will definitely notice this place. Anyway, it was closed at that time. From then on, I knew I had to try this. Never had the chance to until last Sunday.

I can say it was a MARVELLOUS day! According to many, this is the closest you can get to Krispy Kreme here in Malaysia. And apparently, it beats the other doughnut seller we have here HANDS DOWN! Well, yea its that GOOD!

Go taste it if you havent! Imagine the dough and its cream melting in your mouth at every bite. The dough is that soft, it literally melts in your mouth. Not to forget the cream and the jam on it. Even if you take the original one, its HEAVENLY!

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The box. With much support to the nation's 50th Independence Day. MERDEKA!

Sorry for the bad quality pictures. That was the best I had. It was my O2 Atom. Anyway, do you want to see whats inside the box? Here's a sneak preview!

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Its half opened. Can you figure out whats inside?

I feel so bad now teasing people. Muahahaha... Nothing comes that easy. If you really wants it, please go and try it! I believe they are relatively new here. There are many flavors for you to choose. The simplest ones would be the original, then they have jam-ed ones and also cream filled ones. They are all GOOD!

Well, enough of words, I bought 6 donuts and here they are!

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Clockwise from top left - Something Oreo, Strawberry, Chocolate, Durian, Coffee & Vanilla

Sorry I couldnt remember the names but its something like that. Hehehehe... That's all the pics I have. Had no time to take anymore pictures when I was eating it. It sent me to HEAVEN! I had to resist from eating it while taking all the pictures above. When I began, I didnt want to stop! Savouring every bite, enjoying the softness of the dough and the sweetness of the jam/cream. Words cannot explain. Try it for yourself. The DURIAN flavor is a must try if you are a durian lover.

They serve very good and fresh donuts as all of it are made and baked there in the shop itself. Towards the end of the day, when they were closing, they were actually giving out free donuts for testing. I grabbed one original one. Even the original one without any filling makes you want more of it. Everyone who walked pass the shop was offered one original donut. I guess its to clear their stock for the day. This ensures that all their donuts are FRESH!

Anyone up for more donuts? Gimme a buzz! Bring me along! Hehehehe...

Anyway, was at Sunway the other day. Went back to my old shop. They just finish doing a bodykit for this car. I was amazed by it! Take a guess what car is this.

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Answers will be published in the next post!

Till then, take care and God bless!

Monday, July 23, 2007

PLANETSHAKERS, the report and some pictures!

PLANETSHAKERS, the report and some pictures!

Well, this is a very much delayed post. Planetshakers, they came and left. Nonetheless, it was an awesome event!

The event started in the morning itself, being the sound guy in church, I was in church since 9.00a.m. Together with a few others, we waited for the arrival of the team. They actually came direct from the airport to the church.

The night before, they were in Singapore, having a same concert like this and that morning, they are already in Malaysia, getting all hypped up for the concert and very much enthusiastic about it. A bunch of people with real FIRE for God. They look a little tired but then, you could see the FIRE they had in them.

The concert in Singapore was hosted by New Creation Church. A very much happening church, led by Ps Joseph Prince. This guy is a real JOKER I tell you. If ever you drop by Singapore on a weekend, drop by at the church for one of their weekend services. He will definitely make you laugh your way through the service. Not to forget a man who is very sharp in the Word. His messages are very powerful, added with some jokes here and there.

Back to the team, 13 of then came, they were the lead vocalists Henry Seeley & Matt Garner, backup vocalists Rudy, Liz & Nicole, drummer Mike Webber, bassist Mark Peric, guitarist Chris Guglielmucci, synth & keyboardist Jonathan Hunt, a video production guy Chris Peterson, a sound production guy Brian Vayler and last but not least preachers Ps Matt Fielder & Ps Neil Smith.

Right after, they began to set up and do sound checks. With their high level of proffesionalism, things were done in no time. For this concert, the church rented a Yamaha M7 digital mixer as per requested. Mr. Brian, an ex-Yamaha engineer was pretty much familiar with the mixer. Sound checks and rehersals started and ended.

Here comes the 1st session, this was the worship team seminar. Planetshakers led worship and it was really GOOD! Then Ps Neil Smith shared about us as Christians, we ought to Be Amazed. How many of us out there are actually amazed at any of God's work? I believe when we were still young Christians, we were much more enthusiastic. This is the norm, it usually happens(it happened to me too!). And Oh Yah! Did I mention, he's a Chelsea fan!

We only live ONCE! So, live it to the FULLEST! Being a Christian is not BORING as many thinks! Being a Christian does not mean that you will have to be 'Oh-so-Holy', watching every step you make, trying not to make any mistakes in case someone sees. Basically, being a Christian is not to be perfect. I fail too! If you dont fail, tell me! You can be God!

Actually, being a Christian is merely about the religion or Christianity. It is much more of a relationship that you have between you and God. He is the guidance that we need to walk in life, He is the light that will shine through darkness, He is the peace at every circumstances.

That pretty much summed up the preaching. Then the worship team were divided into groups to attend the separate session. There were Musicians, Worship Leaders, Singers and Vocals, Production Team and Youth Leaders. Each group was led by one or more members of the team from the team. Everyone had their fair share of sharing and Q&As. Soon after it is over and done.

Then came the HIGHLIGHT of the event. At 6.00p.m. the church was packed like sardines in a can! It was even difficult to move around. That's a good thing anyway, seeing more and more people, waiting to be indulged with God and His presence. The hall was packed to the brim! The security team was there to make sure that no one else comes in as it was just too packed! Those late comers had to sit in other halls just to watch from a screen(too bad!).

Worship that night was SUPERB! With LOUD music and people jumping around all for God Himself. They sang most of the songs from their latest album Saviour Of The World. Though many does not really know the songs but that did not hinder then from praising and worshipping. That album was basically launched that day itself. Not many had the privilege to listen and be familiarised with the songs. Well, something happened during the concert but not many noticed. The power supply tripped! The team was quick to notice and interacted with the people with some actions and dance. I'm sure many didnt notice about the failure. It looked just like one of the plots. =P

Ps Matt Fielder preached that night. He preached about 'being passionate people for Christ'. He spoke about the story of Mary, using her 'oh-so-precious' perfume she had and her hair to wash the feet of Jesus.

From there, he taught us 5 things;
1. Passionate people GIVE generously.
-The bottle of perfume Mary had was worth 1 year of her wages. Yet, she used it to wash the feet of her master.
-We as Christians, should not only give generously our finances but to also give ourselves so that God can also use us to do His work.

2. Passionate people WORSHIP radically.
-This was when Mary used her hair(her crown) to wipe Jesus' feet.
-We as Christians ought to be radical! Shouting His praises ever so often. If you can shout at a screen during a football match, why not shout His praises?

3. Passionate people fills a place with sweet smells.
-The fragrance from the perfume Mary used filled the whole house with sweet smell.
-As a matter of fact, positive people brings fragrance but negative people stinks!

4. Passionate people expose religion.
-This whole thing made Judas reveal his true character. His LOVE for money.
-Dont be a religious person but be yourself, walking in His glory.

5. Passionate people make way for the coming of the King!
- This can be seen when Jesus said "It was intended that she should save this perfume for the day of my burial".
-We should always BOAST about Him. Well, not only through our words but also in living our everyday life. Let people see the glory of God inside of you.

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The band and some of the people in the front.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
The musicians electives, shared by Mike Webber, Chris Guglielmucci, Mark Peric and Joth Hunt.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Henry Seeley sharing at the Worship Leaders elective.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
This is Liz sharing to the singers and the vocalists.

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This is Mr. Brian "Yamaha" Vayler sharing in the production elective.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Matt Garner, a youth and worhip pastor sharing to the youth leaders.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Mike Webber in action!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
(L)Chris Guglielmucci on Guitars. (R)Jonathan Hunt on Keys.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Ps Matt Fielder. He claims himself to be ASIAN on the inside but white on the outside.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Ps Neil Smith. He loves preaching in a Black American church.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
The CROWD, passionate people!
What a long long entry! Its been a long long time since. Hope its worth reading.
To my dear readers, please leave me a tag or a comment! Dont be anonymous. Come on! =P
Till then, take good care and God bless!

Friday, July 20, 2007

I've been tagged by Ah Yiing to write on the following:

1. Food you hate --> I believe there's NONE(I think).

2. Fruits that you hate --> Again, I think there's NONE. Though I prefer not to eat some e.g. Pineapple.

3. Veggies that you hate --> I dont hate it but I prefer not to eat it. Chinese Cabbage.

4. Celebrities or people that you hate --> People who are more FAMOUS than me? LoL... Just kidding. I dont hate anyone but I dont like hypocrites, backstabbers & "smart-alecs".

5. Event/Incident/Situation that you hate --> When something goes wrong, farewells, deaths and things like that.

6. TV Shows or Movies that you hate --> I dont normally watch TV. Well, I'm not a DRAMA freak neither do I hate them. Well, like everyone says, The Bold & Beautiful is BORING! I remember watching this on TV when I was 13 yrs old(I think) and its still on going. Hmm... Its been 10 years!!!

7. Type of Music that you hate --> Trance, Techno, Irritating songs, Sleepy songs, Heavy Metal(to me, they are not music but plain NOISE)

8. Household chore that you hate --> ALL!

9. Things you hate about the world --> The world being UNFAIR!

10. Things that you hate about yourself --> I hate myself for all the wrong things I have done and the failures I have been through. Then again, all those are lessons learnt in life.

FUH! I guess after doing this tag, I need to LOVE more than HATE.

Do I have to tag people in return? I guess not! "Do lit" if you feel like doing it!

Till then, take care and God bless!

p.s. Yea I know, I still owe you guys alot of pics! Soon x3!

Monday, July 16, 2007


Hey people! Been missing for quite sometime. Well, I was at Cambodia last week, just got back last Saturday. It was a very fun, eye-opening trip. Updates on the trip will be coming soon as I'm currently back to hectic uni life. Assignments and tests!

Anyway, like the title says, there will be a blogger gathering held this Saturday, 21st July. Its called the BLOGGER'S BOOZE. It will be held this Saturday, 21st July at Modesto's Hartamas Walk, Hartamas Shopping Centre. The BOOZE party begins at 9pm and as usual, till LATE! For more information and a map to the place, please visit the organiser, Daniel@Gallivanter.or go directly to the post by clicking on the link above.

Hope to see many of you bloggers there!

By the way, there was actually another blogger's party held last week. Unfortunately I couldn't make it. For more, head over to Elaine@MiccObaYb. There are loads of pictures there. And they pretty much spelled F-U-N!

Till then,

p.s. Updates on Cambodia are coming very soon! Let me finish my assignments and my tests 1st ok?

Take care and God bless!

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