Tuesday, December 30, 2003

hellos people! i am back! LoL... merry belated christmas and a blessed new year to everyone who reads my blog! may God bless u abundantly in the year to come. =) christmas was fun! not many presents though. hehehe... my church had a christmas celebration on the eve of christmas! it was good with the choir n the skits. this couple with a newborn baby acted as Joseph, Virgin Mary and baby Jesus. the baby was so so cute! *grins* the choir did really well too! praise God! then on christmas morning, headed to gunung ledang resort for a camp. my church youth camp! everything were just so so great! had so much fun in camp. sadly i was chosen to be a group leader at the camp. LoL... i don't know how or why but yea, i ended up as a leader. i didn't too bad i guess. thank God i didn't finish last. LoL... hehehehe.... here are a few pics of camp.

lunch on the 1st day. yummylicious! =P

practice sesion before praise and worship

part of the survivor challenge. i knew i would survive. LoL...

last challenge. memorise Psalms 91. *phEWwWw*

after all the fun we had, its time to be serious. this is during ministry where Ps Elisa gave a prophecy to everyone.

hehehe.. did you all enjoy? hmm.. well here is a pic of everyone at the camp. the whole youth team of Renewal Lutheran Church. enjoy! take care and God bless! HAPPY NEW YEAR! =P

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

hellos people! me is back! sorry for not updating (to those who actually cares to read me blog. hehehe...) been really busy with work and stuffs lately. sigh... anyways i would like to sincerely wish everyone who dropped by a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Blessed New Year! may the coming year be a wonderful one! takke good care of yourselves and don't speed! LoL. there will be a christmas concert in church tonight with full of great shows happening! hehe... i guess that's about it. take good care y'all!

Monday, December 08, 2003

hellos.. sorry for the long wait. =) been kinda busy lately with work and all. was at Midvalley last weekend doing an education fair. where as there is another education fair happening at Wisma MCA at the same time. yeah... i don't want to imagine my own workload. sigh... and to you SPM students out there, there will be another bigger edufair at PWTC on the 13th and 14th of Dec. it is also applicable for those of you who wants to further studies i.e. postgraduate. well, that's all mostly life has only been evolving on work, work and WORK!

missed the youth christmas party last week because of the education fair. sigh... missed all the fun! bleaks... hmm... what else ar ? i guess that's all for now. hehe... take care all! ciao!

p.s. oh yah... added a new link. it belongs to one of my church friend. go visit her's! show her some love kay? *winks*

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