Friday, April 02, 2010

Back from a PAUSE...

Welcome back!

Its been so long! Need to just rant a little. Sigh.. Things hasn't been going the way I want them to be. Its not a good sign. Then again, the person to be blamed is none other than myself. I am easily distracted by things that come along in life. Well, I like to discover new things. They say I do things half heartedly which I partly agree. Some things I come across were not interesting(to me at least) therefore, I decided to let them go halfway.

I think I should really pick up from where I have stopped. Its a long journey back there, picking up what I have left then moving ON towards the goal I have in mind. It has been a long delay. It is taking a toll on me.

I can do this! I will do this! Success should be my motivator from now on. I know I can! :)

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