Tuesday, April 28, 2009

wEtwEtwAtEr's Supper - The Burger Shop, SS15, Subang Jaya

It was late at night, the girlfriend was hungry(hiaks!). After hours of revision in McDs, we decided to grab a snack before heading home.

Headed down to The Burger Shop in SS15. It has been a long time since I gave that place a visit. Indeed they serve one of the best Ramly in town. Not to forget the varieties of Ramlys they have.

The Burger/Hot Dog Specialist

Subang folks should know what am I talking about. They are open for business from 6.00pm - 4.30am daily. Closed on Sundays though.

Pricing. Affordable and most importantly, GREAT tasting.

Their Mushroom Burger is a MUST try. Usual Ramly meat patties lightly fried topped with button mushroom fried with onions. Some salad and vege and you are good to go!

Mushroom Beef Burger.(Burger Daging Mushroom)

Special Beef Burger.(Burger Daging Special)

Burger bun could also be replaced with Pita bread for a little extra.

Go check them out!

The Burger Shop is located along the same road as Restoran Darussalam and Restaurant Silva's in SS15. They operate in a small van parked at the road side. You cannot miss them. Just follow the crowd. Don't wait anymore. Go now!

The Burger Shop
Business Hours : 6.00pm to 4.30am
Closed on Sundays
Contact : 0173555040
GPS : N03"4.443' E101"35.251'

Till then take care and God bless! =)

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Scantily clad women make better fishermen...

According to Mr.Timbang Kati, this is part of the chinese culture. Hmm.. How true would that be? Let the readers judge.

Timbang Kati held a glorious dinner session for the mainly chinese populated fishing village of Kuala Sepetang and got all the fishermen hooked up!

Besides the yummy-licious food(check it out in the video), the fishermen were also given a treat of sexy ladies in BLUE giving them a gala night!

Check these out! I wish I was at Kuala Sepetang too! I'm sure they all enjoyed themselves very much. Yummy-licious food, drinks, songs and dance performances and girls... all these F.O.C! Where to find? Only at Negaraku, tanah tumpahnya darahku...

I want to be there!




*images and videos taken from MalaysiaKini.

Till then, enjoy yourselves! God bless! =)

Monday, April 06, 2009

FREE car wash! No kidding! Its FREE!

Few days ago, on my way to uni, I spotted this new car wash place. They are located at the BHP Petrol Station in Taman Taynton. Near the Famous Duck Rice place.

Anyway, they have just started operating on the 2nd of April. And YES, they are offering FREE car wash for the time being until the 20th of April 2009. This free car wash is only exterior washing. If you wish to vacuum, extra charges would be incurred.

Then, its been some time since I last washed my car. I am very particular about washing my car. I do not trust everyone with my car because of some bad experiences with some car wash places. Anyway, since it was free, I went. Here's my experience;


1st Stage - High Pressure Water Jets

2nd Stage - Foaming and Scrubbing

3rd Stage - Machine Wash

Yeap! This place uses human + machine wash. When was the last time you went through a machine wash? I believe some of you never even tried them before. Ol' skool washing.

Here's a video of me inside the machine wash-

Location : BHP Petrol Station, Taman Taynton.
GPS : N03"4.945' E101"44.205'

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Fast and Furious 4 amat Pantas dan Garang!

Last night, thanks to Nuffnang, a bunch of us got to watch this much anticipated movie before anyone else does. To me, I think it was a great movie. As a car lover myself, I enjoyed every part of the show. The girls in the show were not to be missed either.

As usual Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and some hot chics gave a really exciting show. Even Sue loved it.


Dominic Toretto(Vin Diesel)

Brian O'Conner(Paul Walker)

Sweet E39 Beemer!

Letty(Michelle Rodriguez)

Mia Toretto(Jordana Brewster)

Gisele Harabo(Gal Gadot, Miss Israel 2004)

Not to spoil the show any further, watch this trailer if you have not.

Enjoy! Till then, take care, God bless!
Do not race on the roads! =)

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