Thursday, October 25, 2007

Cuti-cuti Malaysia 2007

I, Kelvin Leong, hereby declare that exams are FINALLY OVER! Muahahahahahahahaha.....

Therefore, this marks the beginning of cuti-cuti Malaysia 2007 in conjunction with Visit Malaysia Year 2007.

Well, whatever mentioned above is just and excuse to escape from doing internship. Lame-O! I know! Well, since this year, 2007, is Visit Malaysia Year and it is almost the end of the year, why not take this opportunity to make a few trips around Malaysia to visit some places? Good idea to me, I think?

Well, without further or do, I will be starting my Cuti-cuti Malaysia vision tommorrow itself. Friday morning, 26/10/07, I will be driving up to Cameron Highlands. Not exactly to CUTI but to work! Well, work only takes up half the day and the other half will be spent wisely up there.

Enjoying the chilled fresh morning breeze, luscious green grass fields, colorful flowers, fruits and all sorts and not to forget, red succulent strawberries! Wah, heavenly! As I'm typing, I'm already imagining.

Well, I last went to Cameron like 1 year ago? And to my dissapointment, the place is not as cold as before. I remember roughly about 10 years back, I went up there with my whole family + extended family. We stayed in a bungalow. In the night, it was so cold that I had to wear like a few layers of clothings + a jacket on top to warm up myself. But early this year, I could walk around naked with just a t-shirt and shorts.

Maybe I've grown up to become a big fat buffalo. Then again, my younger cousins were doing the same! Which means the place really is not that cold anymore. Hmm... We'll see how it would be this time.

Pray for mercy journey as I will be driving up and back. Hopefully I can come back with pics to feed my blog! Hehehe..

Till then, God bless and take care!

*sings* Cuti-Cuti MalaysiaAaaAa....a.AA.....

Friday, October 19, 2007

New phone to come!

I am still trying to sell my beloved phone. Although its a reluctant sale, I think I am starting to get a bit impatient to sell. Hahahaha...

This is because, I already have in mind what I want to buy next. I have already set my eyes on a Sony Ericsson P990i. This is a PDA phone. I think, a PDA phone still suit me better since the ol' faithful O2 Atom which I used for quite awhile.

SE P990i

In fact, I actually wanted a Sony Ericsson P1i. This is a newer version of the P990i. Which looks nicer, is slimmer and more "gaya". They both share similar punctions. Thank GOD! Unfortunately, since this is NEW, I do not have the budget for it. Or maybe I should save more to get this. I shall think about this perhaps.

The stunning, sexy SE P1i

But then, I have my own philosophy. I dont believe in buying new phones for myself. Here are reasons why;
1. It is expensive.
2. The newer ones come out like the day after you buy the phone.
3. From 2, hence, the price of the phone will drop drastically.
4. I do not like to be a quinea pig.(Let people use 1st and read their reviews and in time for a used set.)
5. My backside gets itchy as and when it likes to. Sometimes, ALWAYS!(The chinese saying goes "Si fatt han ar?" This is a tag line which usually comes before telling someone off. Its similar to "nothing else better to do ar?")
6. I got no money to buy NEW phone actually. Hehehehe...

So any buyers? Come come! Buy buy! Great deal! Quick quick!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Used Nokia N93 for sale!

I have decided to put my phone up for sale!

Here are the details of the sale;

Item(s):Original Zitron Silver NOKIA N93

Package includes:Phone, Battery, 512MB Mini SD, Charger(Not Original), Handsfree Kit, TV Cable, USB Cable, Software CD & Box

Price:RM1200 NEGOTIABLE! Trade-in will be considered for a certain phones only, please PM me your offer. Thanks!

Warranty:3 days personal warranty on the phone only. Accesories not included.

Dealing method:COD, Post(Buyer pays)

Location of seller:Cheras, PJ, Puchong, Subang, Sunway

Contact method/details:PM, Call, SMS - 016 666 29 29

Age of item:More than 1 year.

Item(s) conditions:90% scratchless, Minor scratches on the exterior which is hard to be seen as the phone is silver.

Reason for sale:Feel like changing phone AGAIN!

For pictures of the phone, please visit my sale thread in LOWYAT.NET.

I'm looking at trading my phone for a PDA phone, e.g. SE P990i or any other similar ones. Hmm...

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Inefficiency? with DELL Malaysia that is.

Yeap! This is what I am experiencing now.

The situation is this,

I am now planning to get a laptop for myself. A Dell laptop in particular. Then of course, with a tight budget, I am planning to get a refurbished unit from Dell.

You see, Dell actually sells refurbished laptops/PCs if you don't already know. These systems are mostly those returned from warranty, fixed and then sold back to the market. Either that or some people who order their systems from the internet, but their payment failed or something like that. Hence, they are sold cheaper than what it is supposed to be. Yeap! 2nd hand that is.

So back to my story, I was eyeing on a few units of refurbished laptops from them. They are like very much cheaper than buying new + they still come with a new 1 year warranty.

1st story - I called up Dell to order the laptop that I am interested in. Then they said they had to check with the perticular department on whether the unit is still available available and they will call me back. About an hour later, they called and said that it was already sold. Fine... They asked me to call in earlier the next day to avoid this to happen again. So ok, I accepted that graciously and put down the phone.

I began searching for another unit. And I found one.

2nd story - This time I found out that Dell's business hour starts at 8.30a.m. So, on that very day, I called in at 8.30a.m. SHARP! And I placed my order for the unit that I wanted. Same case, they said they will call me back because they need to check for the availability. An hour later, they called back. She told me that that unit was sold at 7.00a.m. that morning itself. I was DUMBFOUNDED! Now, she gave me her e-mail and asked me to mail her my request(i.e. model number) once I find one. Ok fine again thou this time, I was a bit furious but I could still hold on.

I began searching again that night and fortunately, I found another unit which suits me.

3rd story - This time, as soon as I got the model number, I mailed her the model number. Unfortunately, it was already after office hours. I waited for her reply. 9.00a.m. the next morning, I saw her reply. I thought to myself, this would be good. But NO!! again she told me that what I wanted was already GONE(with the wind). Thank God this was through e-mail. If I was on the phone with her, I would have screwed her up nicely.

The best part is, no reservation can be made for these units(i.e. refurbished ones). Then? How did they go so fast? I guess this could be only an inside job. Maybe there are people working 24hrs in Dell?

Think of this, buying a laptop which is almost RM500-800 below market price, with 1 year warranty. Who wouldn't be excited? Even I am! Hence this post.

Could anyone give me any other ideas on how to get hold of these laptops? Anyone able to pull strings inside Dell? Please let me know. I need one now(though not very urgently).

You might think, why Dell after all these hassle? Well, Dell has the best offers. They are generally cheaper than other brands of laptops. Tight budget. What to do? Live with it, I have to.

Mr. Dell, please help me? please . . . ?

Thanks so much in advance for your help(if any)!

Till then, take care, God bless!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

New Layout.

I have been wanting for a new new layout for a very long time. Unfortunately I haven't had the time for it.

Until now. I don't know what stirred me up but yeah. Here it is!

Simple as I like it. There will be more changes to come. I hope.

I need feedbacks. Please feel free to comment. Good or bad, just leave it there. I will take everything into consideration.

Finals are coming soon! I pity the Muslims, they will not get enjoy their festive season to the max as finals are on just as school re-opens.

Anyway, to all my Muslims friends, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir dan Batin!

Yours truly,

Till then, take care, God blesS!

Monday, October 01, 2007


If the ones below didnt look good enough to convince you to go and try it.

Us, the UCSI fellows, went back to that shop for another lunch session.

This time 4 of us, we ordered 1/2 a duck and a plate of Char Siew.

Maximum mouth watering I tell you! The tenderness of the duck meat, the perfection of the char siew. How could you resist? Hahahahaha...

That 1/2 duck we ordered

The char siew roated to PERFECTION!

At the end of that lunch session, S-A-T-I-S-F-A-C-T-I-O-N was slearly spelled on our foreheads.

And the 4 of us, jumped and skipped joyfully back to class that evening.

(Pictures above we taken using an SE K810)

Till then, take care, God bless!

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