Friday, January 18, 2008

7th "Japanese" King

Sounds weird huh?

This entry is so very random.

Anyway, here it goes.




Well, that's how random one can be.

Till then, good luck to all Traffic Jammers!

God bless! Ciao!

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Advertlets... APA SUDAH JADI?

Tried logging in my blog just a few mins ago.

To my horror! It re-directed me to some dunno-what-rubbish site? I was thining to myself, what is happening to blogger?

Blogger was hacked? Blogger is being taken over? All these until I noticed the top of the re-direct site.
find something interesting

Very very interesting indeed! Expired domain? Oops! Some forgot to set a reminder! Muahahaha... What a silly mistake to me that is.

Buck up advertlets! Its about time.

Anyway, removed all advertlets ads and my blog is back to normal now.

Thank God! *phew*

for more information, click HERE

Again, what an avoidable mistake.

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