Friday, September 22, 2006

Blogging from college. Was supposed to have class until 1.00pm but it all ended at 10.00am. Here I am, having 3 hours of break. In the com lab, surfing around and checking "things" out. Hahahaha...

Anyway, Planet Shakers have already came and gone. It was definitely an awesome worship! A wonderful time spent praising and glorifying His name. Besides, Ps. Ben Woods gave a short and very impacting message too! It was basically about us doing things to AMAZE God.

Thereafter, it was all about Love, Sex and Relationship. But this time its all those in God's ways. Ps. Dean Sherman gave a hilariouslly humourous talk on those matters. We were laughing throughout the message. Now who says God's words are boring? Well, that's pretty much about a wonderful weekend spent in God's presence.

This week is a BIG BIG week too! Will be attending a wedding this Saturday. CONGRATULATIONS MICHELLE!! She's the 1st among us(The RLC Youths) to be married. I wonder how does that feel. Hahahaha.. Its a garden wedding ceremony this Saturday morning. That would be lovely. Will try get some pics of the event.

That's all for now. Til' then, Take care and God bless!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Renewal Lutheran Church featuring Planet Shakers, Australia yet again! This time would be the team from Sydney. Here are the details for the BIG BIG BIG event. Let's all come together and ROCK with God for He is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords !! Come together as ONE to worship Him, Magnify Him and to Glorify His name!

Planet Shakers Australia Concert
Venue : Renewal Lutheran Church, P. Jaya
Date : 16 / 09 / 2006 (Saturday)
Time : 4.30 p.m. - 6.00p.m. and thereafter 7.00 p.m. - 8.30 p.m.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact me(016-3735322). Transportation can be arranged. Thanks.

.:God's Faithful Servant:.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Hey! Greetings Earthlings! LoL!

I'm back!(hopefully for GOOD) Its been a long long time since I last blog-ed! Been very very busy lately with school work and stuffs. Just for your information, I've graduated from KDU. I'm now very proud to tell you that I'm a holder of a Diploma in Telecommunications & Computer Engineering from KDU. Praise God for that! Without Him, I would still be stuck there. Well, the race is not over until I have my Degree.

Soon after that, I started working in a automobile performance workshop in Sunway, KSP Power. I was there for 3 months, waiting for my Degree intake. Learnt quite alot of stuffs about a fast-paced moving machine. Among my best memories there was to be part of a 700+ horsepowered Mitsubishi Evolution VII. Didn't get a chance to drive it though but a ride in it definately brings you to somewhere near Heaven. Not to forget the shop's Mazda RX-7 FC3S built for drag purposes. Here are some of the pics of the drag machine:-

The Mazda RX7 FC3S @ Sepang Drag Battle

The 1.3litre Rotary Engine that pumps out 490 horsepower

Its "futuristic" dashboard

This is a RWD machine running on full slick drag rubbers

The crew and I with the car

That was 3 months ago. Now I'm a student of USCI, doing a degree in Mechatronics Engineering. It sure feels like !@#$%^& to go back to school after a 4 months break but heck! life goes on. I need to finish the race anyway. And I am way behind time! My peers have already graduated or are near the finishing line. Then again, I'm sure you will agree with me that life as a student is much much better! I have just started Year 2 in this course and so far, everything seems fine. Praise God for that too!

Anyway, was surfing around the net just now to stumble upon this very very shocking news. Steve Irwin, the famed Crocodile Hunter from Australia died today. He was killed by a sting ray in an underwater shoot. Its sad to hear about a man who had so much passion for animals, saving them, loving them and finally to be killed by one of them. May God bless Steve and may he rest in peace in the arms of his creator. Read more about it here

Well, that's a long post after so long. Till then, take good care and God bless!


Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Dear friends, below is a true story by my friend, Angeline, from Malaysia. It's the story of how God healed her father when the doctor said he only had a couple of months left. It was on her blog Angie's Blog and I got her permission to copy and paste it here cause i thot it was just amazing. Please take time to read it:

Life and Death

Some or most of you may already know that I'm a Christian. I believe in God, more than anything in the world. There's no doubt about it. Being a Christian means to have a personal relationship with God. I know by this point, some will choose to argue and some will agree. Many times, people will ask me "Why did you become a Christian?" I was a non-Christian many years back. The first 10 years of my life was spent doing religious ceremonies that I didn't like or understand. It was just a religion to me. Something that you put in the "Religion" field whenever you fill up a form. I didn't really understand what I was doing or why I had to do certain things. All I know is, I was borned into that and I simply followed.

So the question is "Why did I become a Christian?"

Imagine this. I was 10 years old. At that time, the only thing that was probably in my mind was to be no.1 in my class or what cartoons will be showed on TV that day. Life and death? I hardly know the meaning of it. Everything in life was ok. I have good parents and a brother. I even had grandma who was staying with us at that time. When you are 10, your world seems to be perfect.

One day, my perfect world shattered. I cannot fully describe to you the emotions I went through as a 10 year old. My heart broke. My dad, who was healthy and all ... suddenly was admitted to the hospital. He wasn't involved in an accident but he suddenly became paralyzed. He was suffering from muscular dystrophy. His muscles were slowly being eaten up and we didn't even know. Doc told us "He has only 3 months to live. So, make him happy. Bring him on holidays. Give him what he wants to eat. Because he is going to die".

I mean, what da! We were all in tears when we heard that and for me, I wanted to just slap the doctor. I mean, what a thing to say! I know he was just telling the fact, but that isn't the truth. I was devastated.
After that, my dad tried many things. Mediums, bomohs, temples hidden in the jungles, acupuncture, therapy .. you name it, he tried it. But did he get better? No. He got worst instead. We were at losing grounds already. Nothing worked. Nothing helped. I saw my dad from a healthy man to a sickly man - half the size he was before. It was just terrible.

One day, as the whole family was busy preparing for some religious day, my dad was in the hall, sleeping. Or so we thought. We were so busy that we didn't even realized that he actually died! Yes, he died! And we didn't even know until our aunt, who came to visit my dad - tried waking him up. We all started panicking, crying hysterically, .. all in a frenzy. We didn't know what to do!

Then all of a sudden, my dad woke up with tears in his eyes. He told us that he had died and was in this really dark place. But all of a sudden, he heard my aunt's voice and that brought him back.
And you may be asking again, "What has that got to do with you becoming a Christian?"
You see, this aunt who came to visit us, is a Christian. She had been trying to share the gospel with my family for years. And everytime, my dad would make fun of her and sent her home crying. And on that day, when my aunt came, she "felt" like she had to come visit us and try again - never gave up on us, thank God.
And so, God gave my dad a second chance. A chance to evade death and live.
The story doesn't end here. After that incident, the whole family believed in Jesus. And my dad?? From paralyzed, he went into a wheelchair. From a wheelchair, he used crutches to get around. From crutches, he changed to a walking cane. And from a walking cane.... he is walking and running, as though nothing had hit him before. The doc got a shock of his life when my dad went back to the hospital to show him that he didn't die.
If you don't believe me, go take a look at my dad now. He being alive and well, is already proof.
And that was 14 years ago.
So, why did I become a Christian? Simple. Because He is real.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I THINK I've decided to start again this new year of 2006. Perhaps it is just because I am having a pretty long break in college now, thinking of what to do. LOL! Anyway, doing my FINAL semester now in KDU. Hopefully, I will not have to come back to this place to continue my degree. Sick of this place! Sigh... This is a very very hectic semester, having classes until 5pm almost everyday, doing 4 miserable subjects and the semester finishes in 8 weeks. What the #$%^&*!!!!!?!?!?!???? Enough of rubbish for now. To all visitors, dropper bys and blog hoppers, HAPPY CHRISTMAS & A VERY MERRY NEW YEAR TO YOU! ALthough it is very belated, I think it is okay. =)

Till then, take good care and God bless!

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