Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My dogs!

Its been a long time since I posted pictures in my blog. Anyhoooo, here are some pics taken sometime back.

Models : Junior & Phoebe(American Cocker Spaniels)
Venue : My house
Date : Cannot remember









Alright! Good night people from Junior and Phoebe.

Check out my previous post of my beloved doggie! My New Found JOY!

Till then, take care! God bless!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

EMO Post - 1

It was an EMO night last night. Thankfully, its all well now. Though a tad bit emo-ish still but I guess it will be over soon.

Some truths should just be remain hidden. Or at least I do think so?
Because they say, truths hurt! I thought so too! Well, now I know, it does hurt.

Then again, I'm glad that the truth is nothing but the truth. Sooner or later, it will be revealed no matter how hard you try to keep it. At least I can assure myself that it will not happen again.

Things will never be the same again. I now learn to look at things differently.

I dont know what else to write. Its EMO season. Everyone's EMO nowadays. They blame it on the weather. Should I?

Till then, take care, God bless!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Random Updates - 1

Last week was a bad week. Damn suey! I wish not to remember what happened but nvm I shall blog about it without pics. WTF?

Last Friday,
-was out for breakkie at 7.30a.m. with Zoe, Sherry and Hikaru

-went to uni, wasted 2 'FISHing' hours in a stupid talk which is ao damn boring and not interesting at all

-lunch-ed and headed to Summit with the 2 girls. PWN-ed The Soya Shop. LOL!
-went to the carpark to notice that one of the tires was FLAT! suspected the people from The Soya Shop. WTFish?
-started changing tyre and the stupid jack in my car decided to fail me. thank God for Alex who so happened to be in Starbucks Summit eventhough he wasnt working that day. got the jack from his car and changed it. *pheww*
-went for a drink at Starbucks after that tire changing ordeal. *panas gila in the basement* #Drink-Of-The-Day - Iced Shaken Lemon Zen
-found out that I have an ex-girlfriend I dont even know. hmm...

-sent the 2 girls home
-wound down the window to pay the toll, it decided not to go back up! WTF! it was going to rain like SOON?! OMG! what a day . . .

Then comes Saturday,
-was at church practicing for our skit for My Got Talent. it was GOOD! AWESOMELY GOOD!
-it started raining like 'FISH' warning were given to remove cars out of the basement
-drove the car out to the main road, within 10 mins, water in church basement were almost thisknee level
-some drivers were stupid enough to attempt to drive their car through the water. stupid or ignorant? you decide. one of it was a RM738,888 Mercedes CLS350. there goes RM740k mind you, no insurance as the flood was an act of God aka natural disaster

Sunday came,
-it was a normal Sunday except for sending my dogs for grooming. Sue tagged along.

Tuesday at Pyramid,
-was supposed to have Babi brunch but we were FFK-ed
-headed to Pyramid with Acey and Sherry
-met up with Mesha, Sue, Zoe and Melvin bummed at Starbucks for like 3 hours?
-left while the rest headed for dinner
-dinner-ed at home(homecooked food ROX!) and slept early
-here I am, stoning at 5.00am in the morning. WTFish!

Till then, its boring I know. What a weekend it was.
Take care, God bless

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Addicted! - Green Tea Latte from Starbucks

What could be better than sipping a cup of grande Green Tea Latte from Starbucks in a rainy day?

A cup of GREEN goodness!

The cool weather coupled with some splashes of rain. A perfect moment to be seated outdoor at a Starbucks Coffee outlet, reminiscing the day going by.

This is now my favourite drink at Starbucks. Either an ice blended frappucino or a hot latte, it has to be their Tazo Green Tea. I dont really like coffee, hence fruit based or tea based drinks it shall be. Then again, I dont mind the Caramel Macchiato though. Its quite "the bomb" as well.

Greenish haven!

This liking began last Christmas when they had Green Tea as their featured drink. Then, it was Blackberry Green Tea Frappucino Blended Cream. It the usual Green Tea Frappucino you get at Starbucks today but with Blackberry Drizzle on top. Its like the Caramel drizzled on their Caramel Macchiato.

OozeGreen Tea Frappucino Blended Cream.

Nutritional Facts on both the Green Tea drinks;

Tazo Green Tea Latte

Tazo Green Tea Frappucino Blended Cream

My Favourite drinks at Starbucks now would be(in no particular order);

-Green Tea Latte
-Green Tea Frappucino Blended Cream
-Caramel Macchiato
-Iced Shaken Lemon Zen

This post is dedicated to all GTL lovers around the world. Check out my GTL kakis!

Jess - May the spell of GTL be with you

Kenneth - Green Green Green !

So, anyone up for a drinking session at Starbucks? Not too often though, its not wallet friendly! LOL!

Till then, GTL FTW!!
Take care, God bless!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I’m Going Silent this Halloween with Nokia XpressMusic

Halloween is coming! Though its not a culture here in Malaysia to celebrate Halloween, this year, Nuffnang and Nokia will be organising a Halloween party. A silent one though? Hmmm... I wonder how? As noisy as the bloggers are themselves, they are expected to be silent on that night. Mayhaps, we can call in the Malaysia Book of Records(famously known for their whatever records) for the "Most Silent Bloggers in a Halloween Party" record which I think will fail tremendously.


If you are thinking, what's with the Nokia XpressMusic and Universal Music doing as sponsors for a silent event? Think again(I thought hard and came up with this. LOL!). 1stly, headphones are a must! And I thought it would be more funeerie to be in a quiet and dark place with (HOT)strangers. Dont you think so?

With Nokia, no silent night will be eerie,scary anymore! unless you forgot to charge it! Music makes people happy. It keeps people moving. It makes you want to shake that @$$dance. It surely bring you FAR FAR FAR Awayyyyyyyyyyyy............

This will be my first time attending a Halloween party also a costume party. It should be interesting, having missed out the previous Nuffnang's Pajama Party and Wild Live Blogging Party. I shall not miss this one or I will start hunting people down(WTF! The ghostly spirit is kicking in!).

As excited as I am, I am already looking forward to this party. Thinking of what or who to go in. With the theme of Halloween Celebrities, Nuffnang suggested A Frankenstein Elvis? Ghostly Brad Pitt? Or just Marilyn Manson as he is?

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usPhotobucket
They may not be celebrities but I think its COOL! LOL!

Joker? Halloween? Scary? Why so SERIOUS?

Iron Man? Celebrity?

Is Tinkerbell a celebrity? Though I'm not a lady but just a suggestion.

The ULTIMATE Celebrity for Halloween! Scares this hell out of small boys! LOL!

By the way, can I dress up my dogs as well? LOL!


I shall consider those. Might just rent a costume, draw a few bloody scars on my face and VOILA! I will be heading to Borneo Baruk Club.

Thanks to Nokia XpressMusic and Universal Music for this going-to-be-awesome event! Thanks Nuffnang in advance for them tickets! LOL! For more info, click on the side banner(oops! did I hint too much?)!

Till then, take care, God blast you! Oops.. I mean BLESS!

Official Opening - FLUFF Pet Store(PICS)

Very long delayed post. This opening was held on the 1st of September 2008.

This is a pet shop belonging to a friend. A new concept to pet stores where pets run free. Pet owners are welcomed to come, hang out and mingle around at this place where the lovely pets do their thing.

Here, they sell food products and accesories for most pets. From dogs to cats to rodents(hamsters & gerbils) to ferrets to sugar gliders and reptiles.

There, you can also organise parties and gatherings for pets. The owners welcomes everyone to this place.

For me, I frequently drop by this place to sit down and watch movies. LOL! Also to play around with my "adopted" adorable doggies there. LOL!

Click here for direction to the place!




Ice the Toy Poodle and Mikey the Maltese

Bear Bear the Chow Chow

Hope you enjoyed the pics!

Till then, take care, God bless!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

wEtwEtwAtEr's LUNCH - Pork Mee in SS15 with Innit Bloggers

This afternoon, out of an impromtu planning this morning a few bloggers met up for lunch at Restoran Pomander, SS15 Subang.

Actually, this is not the 1st time we came here. This place serves superb Pork Noodles. Yeap! The famous one in Subang.

Just the usual pork noodles with lotsa pork meat, minced meat and pig spare parts. WooHoo!! Spare parts y'all!! Ahahahaha... Excuse me, getting a bit excited here. LOL!

Anyway, what makes this place special is the soup. Its different from others. And it is REALLY good!

The bowl made-in-heaven...

It goes well with these. Chilli padi and extra "zhu yau zha"! LOL!

Today's lunch was attended by;

Acey and OhMeGod

Sherrymint and SueMeIfYouCan

And of course, myself.

What a meal it was! Does this picture explain SATISFACTION? I think it DOES.

Till then, take care and God bless!

wEtwEtwAtEr's LUNCH - Banana Leaf at Sri Paandi

It has been a long time since I food blogged.

Was out to church yesterday then to Restoran Sri Paandi for a scrumptious meal. What else is better than dipping your 5 fingers onto some rice "banjir-ed" with good spicy fish curry, variety of vegetables, crunchy papadam and potato chips and a freshly-fried-out-of-the-wok chicken. Fwah!!! Heavenly!

A sinful lunch served on a leaf!

Anyway, Restoran Sri Paandi is located in Section 13,PJ near the University Hospital. Yeap! The controversial one if you know what I'm talking about.

No, you did not see anything wrong. 3 restaurants with the same name.

The one I went is the one on the right(corner) and the one on the left(air-conditioned branch). The middle one is another shop who uses the same name.

After lunch was some chill out session at Starbucks @ Three2Square.

My drink-of-the-day Green Tea Frappucino Blended Cream without Whipped Cream. AWESOME!

p.s. Jess, I'm still waiting for my Green Tea Latte. Quick get your @$$ down here! Or should I storm up? Hmmm...

Till then, take care and God bless!

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