Friday, June 29, 2007


Monday, we were at The Pizza Hut, Lucky Garden, Bangsar to celebrate Johnathan's birthday. Anyway, it was a surprise party hence, only family members were invited.(A surprise party is a NICER way of saying "a LAST minute party." Agree? No pun intended anyway) So yea, the family and the extended family members gathered at Pizza Hut to wait for the arrival of the celebrated guest.

U must be asking, why Bangsar of all Pizza Huts? Well, here's the answer, the nearest Pizza Hut which is the one in State was apparently closed according to Lydia. Then they called up the branch in Section 14, PJ. This time, the 1st floor of that branch had no air-con. It broke down. And that brought us to the next nearest, biggest(to accomodate the huge amount of people my family has) outlet, Lucky Garden, Bangsar.

So, when all of us arrived, gave Lydia a call and she was supposed to drive Jono to Bangsar, with him BLINDFOLDED! How she managed to pursuade him? That one you will have to ask her. Moments later, the food arrived before the celebrated one arrive. Feeling hungry and not letting the food go cold, yours truly suggested that we should start eating and not wait for Jono to arrive. Halfway eating, some of the crew in Pizza Hut got "washed clean clean"(sang-ed in Canto) because of their inefficiency in delivering the ordered food. Again, yours truly(kembang-ed) had to come to rescue. I wrote down whatever leftover which were not out yet and using my now-not-so-good Malay talked to the captain about it and after that, everything came plus some extras! Thank God for those.

Anyway, Lydia arrived, brought him(still blindfolded) into Pizza Hut upstairs, only to remove the blindfold at the table. Well, he was "surprised". IMHO, when you are blindfolded, brought to somewhere during dinner time, on your birthday, you already have the thought in mind that something's coming. That's so not surprising. He so KNEW it! Hahahaha...Right?

Yea anyway, we ate, joked, talked, crapped, sang the Bday song and adjourned. A few of us had somewhere to go while the rest went home.

My brother and I, Francis and Geri headed to Telawi Street Bistro to CELEBRATE James' farewell. Hahahaha.... Thanks for leaving James!(by Wei Shin). Reached the place, drinks after drinks like there's no tomorrow. For starters, we had 25 shots of Tequila(1 each for the hia tis) then James ordered like 20 shots of Flaming Lambo. Well, its nice to see people that you never thought would drink, down that thing. Again, we talked, joked, took pictures, crapped, laughed and etc. Before I left, James insisted that we have 1 round of Tequila Pop each for him. Come to think of it, since he will be away for 3 years, why not? Haahahahahahaha....(You know I love you my hia ti, we are brothers from the Vietnam War). Yeah, pop-ed and left the place.

To James(if you ever read this), all the best in all your whatever that you are doing there in Sydney. Always remember us from the Vietnam War. Take good care of yourself and God bless! Come back soon for more drinks!

To Johnathan(also if you ever read this), Happy 26th Birthday(then, Belated now)! Oops... Sorry If I'm not supposed to reveal your age? Hahahaha... Take care bro, God bless!

To all readers, I apologize for not putting up any pics in this post. I know whatever blogged would be much nicer and interesting with pictures. Unfortunately, I have no camera and the one on my O2 Atom is plain LOUSY! *hint* Anyone kind enough to sponsor me a SE K810i? Or a SE K800i will do. Hehehe... Thanks! *hint*

Till then, take good care people! God bless!

p/s If you want to know what I meant in my MSN nick, this is what its about! =)

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

TEMPERZONE @ Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Hey people! Sorry for being lost for so long. Was very busy with work and stuffs. Yea, freelances are good! They give good pocket money without much effort. Well, some of them do require a huge amount of them while some are just considered FREE money.

Anyway, was working with a bunch of New Zealand-
ers who came here for a company sponsored visit. They are from the company called TEMPERZONE which manufactures air conditioning systems back in NZ.

Had 2 days with them. The first day was actually a KL Rail Hunt! The people were separated into a few groups and were given several tasks (like Amazing Race). They were supposed to go to a few historic/tourist attractions of KL only using the 3 rail systems in KL. At the place, they were supposed to complete some given tasks and they will earn points. The aim of this hunt is actually to bring them to visit these places. Unfortunately, I didnt take any pictures of it. Sorry!

The second day, the people were again separated in to a few groups, this time there were taken to the Lake Garden in vintage cars(pics below) and there, they will experience the tr
ue Malaysian CULTURE. They were ferried to the Lake Garden in a group of vintage cars. Then there were greeted by children at the Lake Garden. They played a few games and were introduces to our culture. Mostly traditional dances, traditional costumes and MOST important of all, the King of Fruits, the DURIAN. Well, needless to say, they hated it very much. Hahahaha... Here are some pics;

Old Car

Old x2 Car

Old x3 Car

Ooooolllllddddd Car

They had to do a lion dance and collect the red packets all over the ground.

One of the groups all ready with their sarong and saree on.

The other group still figuring out how to tie a sarong and of course, the saree.

Well, that's about all I pictures and strength I have for today. Next up will be Planet Shakers which happened last week in RLC. It was a BLAST!

Till then, take care and God bless!

Monday, June 11, 2007


Yea SH1T HAPPENED on Sunday morning. And it was bad! Sunday morning, I woke up to a SMASHED car window. I went like OMGWTFKNNCCBHLK!@#$%^&*(!~!~!~!~!!!!!! Well, yeah! My car window was SMASHED and my radio/CD player is GONE! All this happened at around 4 - 6 in the morning. I only came home at 3something that night and as far as I know, things were still fine. Sigh, that CD player of mine is barely 3 months old. As the previous one was stolen too! This is the 2nd time this happened to me right in front of my house. Partly my mistake because I did not remove the face plate of the player. I thought the security guards were efficient enough but I thought wrong. When I asked them about it, they didnt notice anything at that hour. Sigh... sigh... sigh...

*Lesson learnt : Always trust your own instinct. Always remove the face plate of your player when leaving the car as the player will be useless without the face plate.*

Well, there goes RM300 for the player and RM50 for the new window.

I hope whoever that b1tch is who did this will have his/her head smashed instead exposing the brains and birds flying by will take a peck of it.(delicious!) Thereafter, he would die a suffering death and burn and rot in hell to face a bad(very bad) judgement in the other world.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
This is the smashed window. They smashed the small window, wound down the rear window(as it is manual) lower the front passenger seat, stuff their body in and RIP off the player.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Shattered glass on the rear seat. There are actually more in the rear seat.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
The place where it belong. Yea the CD Player.

Anyway, I'll leave that person to rot and die in h3ll. Planet Shakers is NEAR! Its happening this Saturday guys!

*Thanks RLC, Wei Luen and Angie for the pic and link*

Directions to RLC could be obtained from the above flyer.

Till then, see ya! God bless!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Thursdays = Ladies' Night = Maison = HANGOVER!

Shit! I'm feeling weird now. This is the 1st time I'm feeling this. After drinking quite a lot just now, getting a bit high and all, now I couldn't sleep. Yea! That's why I'm here blogging at 6a.m. I've been tossing and turning on the bed for 2 hours and that made me more "high" than drinking. LoL... Feeling DIZZY. I always thought you would sleep like a PIG after drinking. Well, that used to happen to me but I'm now wide awake. Tried all the remedies like drinking warm water, even HOT water but still... So I gave up tossing and turning and I'm here blogging about the experience. LoL..

Let's talk about the club. It was f@#$%^g packed! It was raining when we reached and we thought there would be less people but it wasn't. Opened a bottle, took almost 1 hour to just look for a table. Finally, some dudes, they had 2 tables near the stage and they let us have one of it. So, we were seated right beside the stage. Not a good place to seat on the ladies' night(well, in a way its good also la). Everyone walking pass us, banging our table and rubbing our @$$3$ just to get to the podium. Well, the better part was the girls on the podium and going towards it. Hehehehe... Anyway, it was so packed that we had no place to move. So instead of dancing, we only looked like we were miming. LoL.. Got fed up, just seated around and oogle at many God's BEAUTIFUL creation. Be it on the podium or around us. What an experience! They come in all sizes and packages. Hahahaha... Walked around the club, met a lot of familiar people. See you guys there again one of these nights.

I guess that's about it for now. Sorry no pics taken as my beloved phone couldn't take any nice shots at all. Its about time I get a K810i for myself. Its camera rock! Good for taking pictures in the dark too.

Till then, take care and God bless!

p.s. Planet Shakers anyone? Gimme a buzz if you're coming aight?

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I'm so BORED sitting at home!

Parents are away having FUN in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. I didn't want to go but looking at my conditions now, how I wish I was there having fun with them. Taking the river rafts, visiting the small town, oogling at pretty Sabahan chics(this is OPTIONAL!) and many more. Any of thos is better than staying home.

Lately, my family has been going holidays frenzy! They have been to like 4 holiday trips in the period of 6 months.

It all began before Christmas last year where all of us drove up to Penang for FOOD! As we were coming down from Penang, we stopped by Cameron Highlands for their weather and their not-sweet-but-sourish strawberries. The weather in Camerons is not like what it used to be anymore. I remember the last time I went there like almost 10 years ago, the weather is so cold! Even in the day where the sun is shining, you need to have a jacket on. Needless to say, in the night, it was freezing cold. But this time around, the weather was so so only. Its still cold but not that cold anymore. In the day, you could actually feel the sun not so much of the cool breeze anymore. At night, its just cold. Jackets are not needed anymore. Sigh... From there, on the way home, we stopped by Ipoh town for dinner and their ever famous White Coffee.

Next up, was a trip to Genting Highlands. This was during Christmas. We were there to celebrate my grandma's 80th birthday. All the kids had fun in the theme park. I tried on the *new* Flying Coaster too. An enjoyable ride I would say but the cushion thing you lean on is DARN smelly. Smells of sweat from all the Toms, Dicks and Harrys that went on the ride. What a dissapointment! But it was too late, I was already strapped on and moving upwards. All I could do was to forget about the smell and enjoy the ride.

Then, after Chinese New Year this year, all of us headed to Pulau Redang. This island is very very reccomended! If you want to experience the kind of sea or beaches you see in the TVs, this is the place to go. The sea is so blue and clear. Its so clear that if you walk into the sea until the water reaches your chest level, you will still be able to see your feet clearly. The sand on the beach is so fine. Just by thinking of it, makes me wanna go back there! Not to forget the snorkelling trips they bring you to. All sorts of sea creatures that you will get see with your own eyes! The experience is just HEAVENLY!

Yup! That was the 3rd trip and now, for the 4th, they are all at Sabah without me! :(

What an EMO way to end the post but yeah . . .

Till then, take care and God bless!

Monday, June 04, 2007


Hey Guys!

This is another post regarding the band and their concert here in Malaysia(Thanks Angie). Forget about what I posted earlier on. These are the confirmed details about their concert right here in Malaysia.

They will be here on the 16th of June 2007 and 17th of June 2007.

On the 16th, Planet Shakers will be having a Worship Seminar.

Time : 2.00pm - 5.00pm
Venue : Renewal Lutheran Church PJ

You will have to register 1st, in order to attend this worship seminar
If interested, please call RLC @ 03 7956 4236 to register your place.

On the same day after the seminar, they will be having a rally/concert.

Time : 7.00pm - late
Venue : Renewal Lutheran Church PJ

This Night Concert is open to all!

The following day(Sunday), the team will be leading worship and ministering for 2 services.

Service Time : 9.00am and 11.15am
Venue : Renewal Lutheran Church PJ

I'm so sorry for the earlier post. I guess this is pretty much finalized. If there are anymore changes, I will update here.

So guys, please don't wait anymore. You have 2 weeks to invite all your friends to come for this HUGE event! Don't miss it!

If you need more information or perhaps you need some flyers to be distributed, please do contact me. Leave a comment or a tag or(better) if you have my number, just give me a ring!

Till then, take care! God bless!

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