Wednesday, June 27, 2007

TEMPERZONE @ Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Hey people! Sorry for being lost for so long. Was very busy with work and stuffs. Yea, freelances are good! They give good pocket money without much effort. Well, some of them do require a huge amount of them while some are just considered FREE money.

Anyway, was working with a bunch of New Zealand-
ers who came here for a company sponsored visit. They are from the company called TEMPERZONE which manufactures air conditioning systems back in NZ.

Had 2 days with them. The first day was actually a KL Rail Hunt! The people were separated into a few groups and were given several tasks (like Amazing Race). They were supposed to go to a few historic/tourist attractions of KL only using the 3 rail systems in KL. At the place, they were supposed to complete some given tasks and they will earn points. The aim of this hunt is actually to bring them to visit these places. Unfortunately, I didnt take any pictures of it. Sorry!

The second day, the people were again separated in to a few groups, this time there were taken to the Lake Garden in vintage cars(pics below) and there, they will experience the tr
ue Malaysian CULTURE. They were ferried to the Lake Garden in a group of vintage cars. Then there were greeted by children at the Lake Garden. They played a few games and were introduces to our culture. Mostly traditional dances, traditional costumes and MOST important of all, the King of Fruits, the DURIAN. Well, needless to say, they hated it very much. Hahahaha... Here are some pics;

Old Car

Old x2 Car

Old x3 Car

Ooooolllllddddd Car

They had to do a lion dance and collect the red packets all over the ground.

One of the groups all ready with their sarong and saree on.

The other group still figuring out how to tie a sarong and of course, the saree.

Well, that's about all I pictures and strength I have for today. Next up will be Planet Shakers which happened last week in RLC. It was a BLAST!

Till then, take care and God bless!

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