Monday, June 11, 2007


Yea SH1T HAPPENED on Sunday morning. And it was bad! Sunday morning, I woke up to a SMASHED car window. I went like OMGWTFKNNCCBHLK!@#$%^&*(!~!~!~!~!!!!!! Well, yeah! My car window was SMASHED and my radio/CD player is GONE! All this happened at around 4 - 6 in the morning. I only came home at 3something that night and as far as I know, things were still fine. Sigh, that CD player of mine is barely 3 months old. As the previous one was stolen too! This is the 2nd time this happened to me right in front of my house. Partly my mistake because I did not remove the face plate of the player. I thought the security guards were efficient enough but I thought wrong. When I asked them about it, they didnt notice anything at that hour. Sigh... sigh... sigh...

*Lesson learnt : Always trust your own instinct. Always remove the face plate of your player when leaving the car as the player will be useless without the face plate.*

Well, there goes RM300 for the player and RM50 for the new window.

I hope whoever that b1tch is who did this will have his/her head smashed instead exposing the brains and birds flying by will take a peck of it.(delicious!) Thereafter, he would die a suffering death and burn and rot in hell to face a bad(very bad) judgement in the other world.

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This is the smashed window. They smashed the small window, wound down the rear window(as it is manual) lower the front passenger seat, stuff their body in and RIP off the player.

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Shattered glass on the rear seat. There are actually more in the rear seat.

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The place where it belong. Yea the CD Player.

Anyway, I'll leave that person to rot and die in h3ll. Planet Shakers is NEAR! Its happening this Saturday guys!

*Thanks RLC, Wei Luen and Angie for the pic and link*

Directions to RLC could be obtained from the above flyer.

Till then, see ya! God bless!

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