Friday, June 29, 2007


Monday, we were at The Pizza Hut, Lucky Garden, Bangsar to celebrate Johnathan's birthday. Anyway, it was a surprise party hence, only family members were invited.(A surprise party is a NICER way of saying "a LAST minute party." Agree? No pun intended anyway) So yea, the family and the extended family members gathered at Pizza Hut to wait for the arrival of the celebrated guest.

U must be asking, why Bangsar of all Pizza Huts? Well, here's the answer, the nearest Pizza Hut which is the one in State was apparently closed according to Lydia. Then they called up the branch in Section 14, PJ. This time, the 1st floor of that branch had no air-con. It broke down. And that brought us to the next nearest, biggest(to accomodate the huge amount of people my family has) outlet, Lucky Garden, Bangsar.

So, when all of us arrived, gave Lydia a call and she was supposed to drive Jono to Bangsar, with him BLINDFOLDED! How she managed to pursuade him? That one you will have to ask her. Moments later, the food arrived before the celebrated one arrive. Feeling hungry and not letting the food go cold, yours truly suggested that we should start eating and not wait for Jono to arrive. Halfway eating, some of the crew in Pizza Hut got "washed clean clean"(sang-ed in Canto) because of their inefficiency in delivering the ordered food. Again, yours truly(kembang-ed) had to come to rescue. I wrote down whatever leftover which were not out yet and using my now-not-so-good Malay talked to the captain about it and after that, everything came plus some extras! Thank God for those.

Anyway, Lydia arrived, brought him(still blindfolded) into Pizza Hut upstairs, only to remove the blindfold at the table. Well, he was "surprised". IMHO, when you are blindfolded, brought to somewhere during dinner time, on your birthday, you already have the thought in mind that something's coming. That's so not surprising. He so KNEW it! Hahahaha...Right?

Yea anyway, we ate, joked, talked, crapped, sang the Bday song and adjourned. A few of us had somewhere to go while the rest went home.

My brother and I, Francis and Geri headed to Telawi Street Bistro to CELEBRATE James' farewell. Hahahaha.... Thanks for leaving James!(by Wei Shin). Reached the place, drinks after drinks like there's no tomorrow. For starters, we had 25 shots of Tequila(1 each for the hia tis) then James ordered like 20 shots of Flaming Lambo. Well, its nice to see people that you never thought would drink, down that thing. Again, we talked, joked, took pictures, crapped, laughed and etc. Before I left, James insisted that we have 1 round of Tequila Pop each for him. Come to think of it, since he will be away for 3 years, why not? Haahahahahahaha....(You know I love you my hia ti, we are brothers from the Vietnam War). Yeah, pop-ed and left the place.

To James(if you ever read this), all the best in all your whatever that you are doing there in Sydney. Always remember us from the Vietnam War. Take good care of yourself and God bless! Come back soon for more drinks!

To Johnathan(also if you ever read this), Happy 26th Birthday(then, Belated now)! Oops... Sorry If I'm not supposed to reveal your age? Hahahaha... Take care bro, God bless!

To all readers, I apologize for not putting up any pics in this post. I know whatever blogged would be much nicer and interesting with pictures. Unfortunately, I have no camera and the one on my O2 Atom is plain LOUSY! *hint* Anyone kind enough to sponsor me a SE K810i? Or a SE K800i will do. Hehehe... Thanks! *hint*

Till then, take good care people! God bless!

p/s If you want to know what I meant in my MSN nick, this is what its about! =)

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