Friday, February 27, 2009

Burger Ramly yang ENAK sekali!

Dinner was on our own tonight(my brother and I). Parents are having their big do somewhere without us.

So we decided, it would be a packet of Nasi Lemak(nothing to shout about) and a Ramly Burger each. Being a good elder brother, I set out on my tapau journey.

This would be the best Ramly Burger I have ever tasted. There are a few other good Ramly Burgers out there but personally this is the best to me.

Abang Isa, his gerai and the pricelist.

I like the way Abang Isa prepares his burgers. Maybe I am too accustomed to his style of cooking and it rocks! Just like any other Burger Ramly, the bun is halved, lathered with some butter and is "toasted". As usual, the meat patty is fried and when almost done it is halved too to cook the inside of the meat patty.

Here comes the BEST part(IMHO), he sprinkles some black pepper and adds a dash of Lea & Perrins on the inside if the patty. This adds more aroma and taste to the already awesome burger. The next BEST part comes when you order a Burger Ramly Special. The cooked meat patty is then wrapped in an egg omelette. A right amount of seasoning is also added here to enhance the taste of the egg.

Abang Isa at work.

The burger is then "compiled" with a generous amount of cabbage, onions and cucumber. Not to forget pipes of chili sauce and mayonnaise to the point that it is a mess! I dont know about you but to me, a Ramly Burger is not a Ramly Burger when its not in a mess. It is a must to at least get your fingers all saucy when eating it.

'AS' as in Ayam Special is what I had today.

Pipes of sauce and the generous amount of vege that creates the "mess".

A satisfying cheap meal for today. I have been frequenting his stall for years and I am still visiting him for as long as he is still selling it. Also because its near to my house.

1, Jalan 23,
47100 Puchong,
Selangor DE.
(The stall is located beside the restaurant)
GPS N03" 3.332' E101" 38.262'

On a lighter note, it is 27th of February today and I would like to wish Francis(Bear) a blessed 28th birthday. May God continue to pour out His blessings to you.

On the other hand, I would also like to wish Nuffnang a very very very Happy 2nd Birthday. Congratulations Boss Stewie, Boss Ming and the rest of the Nuffies. It had been a great journey with Nuffnang. May Nuffnang grow bigger and bigger everyday and scale greater heights in the future.


Till then, take care, God bless!

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Tamarind Hill Experience

The gang and I were invited to the re-opening of this lavish restaurant, Tamarind Hill. Managed and owned by an Italian and his Malaysian wife, together they manage a few other awesome restaurants, luxurious resorts and relaxing spas.


A winner of many awards in the industry, Tamarind Hill is making a comeback after a 2 years relocation plan. Marking its 10th year in business.

Located on top of a hill in the middle of KL city, the design concept of the restaurant maintains Tamarind’s trademarked rustic-luxury dining experience with a green ambiance, against the spectacular backdrop of the modern business building landscape, including the Petronas Twin Towers.


What a breathtaking sight. Truly a place to unwind after a busy day under the hustles and bustles of the busy world.



Tamarind Hill serves a contemporary Thai-Burmese cuisine, ready to tackle your taste buds with their interesting dishes. With a wide selection to choose from in their menu, you will definitely be spoiled with choices.

Clockwise from bottom;
Lime cured Tiger prawns rolled in Salmon Sashimi(RM38), Stir fry Chicken with Peanuts wrapped in Mandarin Orange, Prawn and Chicken stick(RM26).

Spicy grilled wagyu beef salad(RM40)

Clear Tom Yam soup with Snakehead(Toman) fish fillet(RM26)

Fried Rice with Squid Ink

Steamed Fish Cake(Otak-Otak)

Salmon and Ginger soup

Prices shown above are for normal portions. Pictures above are for photography purposes only.

A special chef demo by the head chef of Tamarind Hill. A native from the hill tribes in Thailand.

That's about all the mouth watering food we had that night.
Here's to leave you with some nice pictures of the cozy interior of Tamarind Hill. A place worth trying out especially for romantic night outs.




Tamarind Hill is now having a Lunch Promotion called The Lunch Escape Menu(12pm - 3pm) priced at RM35++ per person. Here is what they have to offer for the Lunch Escape Menu(Choose 1 item from each section)

sticky rice croquette tossed in papaya salad
tom yam chicken soup
crab sticks with sweet chili jam

Main Course
tom yam fried rice with grilled chicken
mixed seafood pineapple fried rice
burmese chicken & potato curry with rice noodles
shrimp-paste fried rice served with green mango strips & stir-fried chicken
roasted green-chili fried rice with grilled chicken wings
pad thai with seafood & chicken
vegetarian fried rice with mixed vegetables in a curry gravy
roasted duck kuey teow soup
green curry fish ball laksa

steamed pumpkin & custard
pink diamonds in iced coconut milk
pan-fried bananas

For more information/enquiries;
Business Hours
Lunch, 12.00 noon - 3.00 pm
Dinner, 6.00 pm - 10.30pm
Closed on Sundays

19, Jalan Sultan Ismail,
Kuala Lumpur.

+603 2148 3200

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Think studies, Think Taylors. Think Business, Think TBS.

Recently, out of my curiosity and to explore deeper about my abilities, I dropped by Taylor’s Business School (TBS) to see what they have to offer.

As you know, I am currently studying Engineering but I know I am not made to be an engineer. Passion wise, I think mine is not in this field. Throughout my working(part time/full time) experience, I enjoy meeting people, public relations, dealing with events/media and a little bit of sales and marketing.

Taylor’s Business School (TBS) offers a wide range of business related courses for everyone. Starting from the Foundation level, made for those who are already sure of what they want to do in the future, to Diploma courses for those who wants a quality alternative to pre-university courses and of course Degree courses from University of South Australia (UniSA) and University of the West of England, Bristol (UWE).


Besides learning about the course structures and academic stuffs, what really attracted me is the other/co-curricular activities TBS had for their students. To me, this is some what important for a student. I believe studying is not about being in the classroom but actually, the real thing is happening outside the classroom.

Various activities are lined up for student such as active clubs and societies which students are encouraged to join, an annual camp for all students, having interesting talks and seminars and many more. But more interestingly;

Service Learning

Service learning is an annual trip organised by the UWE department. This trip bring students to places around the world where living is a little less fortunate, countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, India and Laos. I believe you will learn how to put yourself down, be more humble and appreciate what you already have in life. The students are brought to villages where they learn the culture and living conditions of these people, interact with them sharing precious memories and having some fun altogether.

“I truly experienced how people from a “third world country” live and the rich heritage as well as tradition they possess.”
Vincent Ho

“This trip has provided insights to the current situation of the country in its infant developing stage and possibilities for business opportunities.”
Francis Ng

Global Experience

Global Experience is a programme where graduating students can participate to further widen their knowledge and gaining precious experiences. Participating students are arranged to go for internships in foreign countries. This way, students would be able to experience working in the real world, also learning to be independent, managing their own life.

Lifestyle Seminars/Talkshows

Seminars and talkshows are often organised for students not only academically but also touching on life skills. Talkshows such as Money Managing, Career Building & Self Uplifting helps students in their everyday lives. It prepares them as they face the working world in the future.

The future of Taylor’s University College



If you are planning to further your studies or you have be graduated from pre-u courses by the end of this year, look no further. Taylor’s University College is the place to be. The people at Taylor’s are already building a state-of-the-art modern tropical university campus to meet the need of students and in line with the nation's goal of becoming a regional center of education excellence. Check out this video.

For more information/videos by Taylor's University College, go to Taylor’s @ YouTube or visit their website.

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