Friday, December 17, 2004

Finally !! Exams are over. I'm on a pathetic 3 weeks break now(when other ppl have 3 months). School starts again on the 3rd and that's like 2 weeks away. TRIPLE Sigh... Still waiting for my results, hopind to get at least 1 Distinction 3 Credits and 1 miserable FAIL(the lecturer suck! can't blame myself. he teaches direct from the text book)! ArGh!! Christmas is drawing near. I bet everyone's already in the mood to celebrate, sing carols and exchange gifts. Truly, this is the season that we remember the birth of our beloved Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. HAPPY 2004th BIRTHDAY, CHRIST DADDY!! He is the reason we live today, He should be the ultimate reason we celebrate Christmas. =)

Tag replies..

Angel : This is my update after like 1 month ? Hehehe.. busy with exams le.. sorry !!

Dewgem : ooPs !! sorry.. don't worry we'll meet again in the future. =)

Anuar : you can check my archives under June 2004. I have already written all the details in there. =)

Till then, take good care and God Bless !!

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