Thursday, September 27, 2007


Hey guys, I'm back with some food.

I shall not say much here, I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Restoran Sun Ming, Taman Connaught, Cheras. This place is very well known for their roasted duck , chicken & pork and BBQ pork(Char Siew). Besides those, they also serve yong tau foo, sour vege, tau foo and many more which I've yet to try.

This place is located along the main road, heading towards Kajang. If you are coming from Federal Highway, get onto the Cheras Highway near Mid Valley. There will be a 50 cents toll.

After the toll, go all the way straight, until you see a BHP petrol station on your left.

Make a left turn(into BHP) then take an immediate right. You will now see Domino's Pizza on your left. Restoran Sun Ming is just a few doors away from Domino's.

This is how the place looks like

As you walk in to the eatery, you will be greetted by this.

Roasted whatever on display

In the above picture, there are about 10 ducks, another 10 chickens, lotsa pork, all hung up. But the point is, if you sit there long enough, say about an hour or so, you will actually get to see then refilling their already-GONE stocks twice!

This means, in an hour, this place can actually sell 10-20 ducks/chickens! Btw, there are only open for LUNCH. Does this justify how good the food is? If not, scroll down.

After ordering our food. Waiting in anticipation

A closer look at the chilli sauce and the utensils

After much anticipation, here comes the "oily" rice. Goes perfectly well with the dish

Can I just stop here? I'll continue some other day. Hahahahaha....

*I see daggers, swords and light sabers flying towards me* =P

Okay okay... Here comes the best part!

Roasted Duck and BBQ Pork(char siew)

Roasted Duck and Char Siew II

A plate of normal duck rice costs RM4.50 per person. If you order a combination like the above, its RM6.00. I think this pricing is worth it for the amount of satisfaction you get in return. I'm sure you will crave for more of their Char Siew when you leave that place. It is that good!

Imagine this, Char Siew, not completely lean meat, it has just enough fats to go with it for total satisfaction. Then it is BBQ-ed to perfection. The meat is so very tender. The fats are half burnt hence the crispy-ness when you take a bite. *HEAVENLY*

Hahaha... Don't imagine anymore. Go try it yourself. While you are at it, give me a call. I'm just across the road in UCSI. Hahahaha....

Till then, take care, God bless!

Monday, September 24, 2007


Was tagged by Angie to do this. :)

They don't seem to have a name for this. I'll name it THREE!

Three names you go by?
1. Kelvin
2. Kok Tseng
3. Mashi(maro)

Three physical things you like about yourself?
1. My Mouth (for the spoken words and the laughter)
2. My Hands (for all the things I've done)
3. My Eyes (for its cuteness! *LoL*)

Three physical things you don't like about yourself?
1. Height
2. Weight?
3. -

Three parts of your heritage?
1. My Looks (mum)(they say?)
2. Thick hair (mum)
3. -

Three things you can't stand?
1. Beng-A-Fied people
2. Show-offs!
3. Exams?

Three things that scare you?
1. Height? (A bit)
2. Food? (Too much cant finish)
3. Scary movies

Three of your favourite shows?
1. Top Gear
2. Fifth Gear
3. Chinese Dramas

Three of your favourite Japanese animes?
1. -
2. -
3. -

Three of your favourite current songs?
1. Beaituful Girl - Sean Kingston (Its getting a bit irritating though)
2. Beautiful Girl's Reply - Jojo
3. Hairspray OST

Three movies you can watch over and over again?
1. -
2. -
3. -

Three movies you would like to watch?
1. Impak Maksima (Just to laugh about it)
2. Knocked Up (Not in the cinemas as its been insanely CUT)
3. I Now Pronounce You, Chuck and Larry

Three of your everyday essentials?
1. Handphone
2. Cash
3. Car

Three things that you are wearing right now?
1. Shorts
2. -
3. -

Three things you want in a relationship?
1. Loves God
2. Able to laugh as much as I do
3. Independent

Three physical things about the opposite gender that appeals to you?
1. Character
2. Looks (must be decent la!)
3. Car (Hahaha.. Kidding)

Three bad habits?
1. Laziness
2. Lzziness
3. Laziness

Three of your favourite hobbies?
1. Studying
2. Revising
3. None of the above

Three careers you're considering or currently pursuing?
1. Sales
2. PR
3. Engineering (NOT!)

Three places you want to go on vacation?
1. Australia
2. Europe
3. Krabi

Three kid's names you like?
1. -
2. -
3. -
(Haven't thought that far yet!)

Three things you want to do before you die?
1. Tell people about Jesus
2. Tell my loved ones I love them a lot
3. Visit the world

Three things that you are stereotypically a [guy]?
1. I NOW have short hair
2. I admire/like girls
3. I am a GUY?

Initials of three crushes?
1. A
2. B
3. C

Three people you tag to do this?
1. ET
2. Geri
3. Wei Shin

Thursday, September 20, 2007


My arm is BADLY bruised! It looks like I've just been whacked hard with something blunt and the veins broke abd blood spurted everywhere! Under my skin of course. Wanna see it?

Bad huh? Thank God it doesnt hurt at all!

I googled "Bruises after blood donation" and this is what I found. It is just a small matter. It also comes with a few ways to prevent bruises after donation. You can try it at your second donation! *cheers*


Courtesy of

Although we hope that no donor will have any ill effects from giving blood, occasionally bruising of the arm may develop. The bruise can look very dramatic and some people may find this worrying, especially if it appears away from the donation area or is not visible until the next day. Bruising can look very nasty, but it is usually harmless and will disperse with time.

What is bruising?

Bruising is caused by bleeding under the skin. For example, a hard knock which does not break the skin can damage fragile blood vessels which lie just beneath. These damaged blood vessels leak a small amount of blood, which collects in the area as a bruise.

With time, the familiar blue-black discolouration changes to green, then yellow and eventually fades and disappears. This may take up to three weeks if the bruise is large.

Why can it happen after blood donation?

When the needle is taken out of the arm bleeding will continue until the small hole in the vein closes up. The way to prevent this is to apply pressure to the arm over the site where the needle was inserted. This must continue until all signs of bleeding have stopped. Failure to maintain this pressure is the most common cause of bruising.

Secondly, when the donation needle is put into the arm, damage to the opposite wall of the vein may occur, causing a small hole through which blood can escape. This is not always seen during the donation but may become apparent afterwards.

Thirdly there are tiny fragile blood vessels running just under the skin, as well as the larger veins from which a blood donation is obtained. When the donation needle is inserted into the arm, one of these small vessels may be damaged and bleeding occurs. It is impossible to predict this, as such vessels are not usually visible.

What can be done?

The single most important way of preventing a bruise is to apply pressure to the place where the needle was, until the bleeding has stopped. A plaster will be applied to the area to keep it clean. It should be kept on for a minimum of 6 hours.

Additionally, if you are wearing a tight sleeve, we may ask you to remove that article of clothing. A tight sleeve can act as a tourniquet and cause congestion in the vein increasing the chance of bruising.

If a bruise occurs during the donation, we may discontinue the donation to prevent the bruise worsening. You may also be more likely to develop a bruise if your donation is more difficult than usual.

What can you do?

Bruising may be painful and you should avoid heavy lifting as this could aggravate the pain in the arm. However, gentle movement may be beneficial.

Applying something cool to the area can help to relieve any pain or discomfort. A cold cloth or flannel is ideal. If you require more pain relief, we recommend taking paracetamol (according to the manufacturers instructions).

If you experience any of the following, you should seek further help:

- Severe pain
- Numbness or pins and needles in the arm, hand or fingers
- Swelling and/or redness of the arm

Anyway, if it your 1st time donating blood, you ought to get a booklet which records all your good deeds!

It is called "Sijil Penderma Darah" Inside are your particulars and also your blood type. Then it is a page where the details of your donations are recorded. Of course, in this case, the more the merrier!

Just got the ball rolling and I have a long way to go!

Anyway, flip to the back page of the book, you will get to see the perks and benefits of being a blood donor. I guess to me, it will not be useful now but in future, who knows?

Benefits & Perks *Part I

Benefits & Perks *Part II*

You guys must be thinking, what is this blood hype about? Actually, I was AND am still very proud of myself for achieving this "feat". Hahahaha.... So bare with me ok? I promise this is the last!(I think?)

Till then, take care, God bless~!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


*Warning! May contain pictures that are disturbing to some*

Today marks a history in my life.
For the 1st time, I have donated blood. Actually, I have always wanted to do so but I never had the chance to do it.

UMMC set up a "donation centre" in uni today. As soon as I finished class, I went to the Lobby, I told myself "I AM GOING TO DONATE BLOOD TODAY!"

Then comes all sorts of thoughts that makes you not wanting to do so. These arethings that happened to me before I went for it.

1. My class ended at 10.00a.m. and the next class is at 2.00p.m. I thought of going home to rest abit before going for the next class.
2. My handphone battery died on me. I had no choice but to go home and charge it.
3. I met Yatz. Then he was sharing with me his experiences of donating blood. Asked him to join me but he didn't have enough sleep the night before.

This is the story he shared to me. He organised a blood donation drive in high school before. The 1st time he donated blood, after everything was done, the moment he stood up from the chair, he almost went black out. He then rested for awhile on the chair, the 2nd time he stood up from the chair, he had that feeling again. In the end, he decided to sleep on the chair for an hour or so.
Then another story which is about a girl in his school as well. She donated, did all the numbers and again, when she stood up from the chair she blacked out and fell! Everyone rushed to her aid, she woke up not knowing what happened to her. She continued to sit on the chair and rested. The 2nd time she stood up, again she blacked out and fell! Then they asked her to lie down on the chair/bed and rest for a longer time. In the end, she was alright.

Before giving out blood, you will have to sign a form, basically your particulars and some general health question. Then blood pressure is taken determine whether you have high blood pressure or low blood pressure. If either of the 2 symptoms occurs, you are not eligible to donate blood. HERE are some other rules and regulations that has to be followed before you can actually give out blood.
Thenyour finger is pricked and a blood test is done to determine your blood group. For me, I belong to the 'B' group.

And finally, you will be seated on the chair/bed and the STORY begins.

Lying on the chair, the nurse is looking for the vein to "cucuk"

The nurse poking a hole on my arm to insert a larger bore needle to draw blood out

This is the size of the needle that is used to draw out blood *Picture courtesy of Wikipedia*

The needle already inside, blood is being drawn out

And FINALLY! I'm DONE. I've just lost 450ml of blood.

Looking sad as I've just lost 450ml of blood

On another note, looking happy as I know, this will in turn, save a life!

This whole ordeal lasted about 15 mins or so. Surprisingly, it took me less than 5 minutes to fill up that 450ml of blood. I was a bit dumbfounded as the previous guy took almost 15 minutes to fill up the same amount. Anyway, the nurse said that the vein was big. Hence, better flow. Rested about 10 minutes on the chair before going for a drink. AFter donating, they provided a cup of Milo and a Blueberry muffin. Nice! Thanks!

What an experience! I'm happy that I have donated and I don't mind donating blood again! Have to wait 3 months! And I'll be up for it again! Anyone wants to join me?

*All photos above are taken using my N93 and are taken by Yatz*

Till then, take care, God bless!

Saturday, September 15, 2007


As said in the earlier post, I sold my O2 Atom and was looking for another phone. I also did ask your opinions on which phone I should get and why? There were 2 phones I was eye-ing on which was the Nokia N93 and the Sony Ericsson K800i.

Most of you people chose the Nokia without giving me a reason. ~!@#$%^&*~!@#$%^&!!!!
Anyhow, actually, I was also thinking much more about the Nokia than the SE.

Anyway the verdict is . . . . . . . . . .

Muahahaha... Bought the Nokia I did!

I was searching for this phone in the LowYat forum. Been looking at a few sets which are prices at RM1300-RM1500. Of course the cheapest one would be the BEST! These are prices for USED sets. Personally, I do not believe in buying new phones. The "trend" comes and go so fast. No point! =) When people change their phones, just buy over their old ones.

Not that I'm trying to keep up with the trend but just wanted a change you see? *winks*

After searching hi and lo for the phone, only I remembered that I have an uncle who opens a phone shop. I decided to call him, asked for what I wanted and immediately he told me that he has a customer who is selling of his one. I too immediately told him to keep it for ME!

Here comes the BEST part. I asked him how much does his customer wants to let it go for. And he said RM800! *In my heart, I was overly-joyed and laughing* I told him get the phone ASAP as I wanted it.

And yes! Its the hpone you see in the pics above, bought for almost half the price the other people are selling. Thank God!

Features wise, I am very very satisfied with this thing. I'm still looking for more 3rd party softwares to be experimented with this thing. The camera, I have to admit that it lost to the K800i but the video beats the K800i hands down! Yea this was the phone used in one of the competitions in KL which required you taking a video of your journey!

Anyway, I'm glad that I have already updated my blog. Hahahaha...

Till then, take care and God bless!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Uni starts again today. This would be my 4th semester in UCSI.

Class is at 8.00a.m.!

Wah! 1st day already give me 8a.m. class.

Dreads going for classes.

Gotta go now! More updates to come!

Till then, take care, God bless!

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