Thursday, September 27, 2007


Hey guys, I'm back with some food.

I shall not say much here, I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Restoran Sun Ming, Taman Connaught, Cheras. This place is very well known for their roasted duck , chicken & pork and BBQ pork(Char Siew). Besides those, they also serve yong tau foo, sour vege, tau foo and many more which I've yet to try.

This place is located along the main road, heading towards Kajang. If you are coming from Federal Highway, get onto the Cheras Highway near Mid Valley. There will be a 50 cents toll.

After the toll, go all the way straight, until you see a BHP petrol station on your left.

Make a left turn(into BHP) then take an immediate right. You will now see Domino's Pizza on your left. Restoran Sun Ming is just a few doors away from Domino's.

This is how the place looks like

As you walk in to the eatery, you will be greetted by this.

Roasted whatever on display

In the above picture, there are about 10 ducks, another 10 chickens, lotsa pork, all hung up. But the point is, if you sit there long enough, say about an hour or so, you will actually get to see then refilling their already-GONE stocks twice!

This means, in an hour, this place can actually sell 10-20 ducks/chickens! Btw, there are only open for LUNCH. Does this justify how good the food is? If not, scroll down.

After ordering our food. Waiting in anticipation

A closer look at the chilli sauce and the utensils

After much anticipation, here comes the "oily" rice. Goes perfectly well with the dish

Can I just stop here? I'll continue some other day. Hahahahaha....

*I see daggers, swords and light sabers flying towards me* =P

Okay okay... Here comes the best part!

Roasted Duck and BBQ Pork(char siew)

Roasted Duck and Char Siew II

A plate of normal duck rice costs RM4.50 per person. If you order a combination like the above, its RM6.00. I think this pricing is worth it for the amount of satisfaction you get in return. I'm sure you will crave for more of their Char Siew when you leave that place. It is that good!

Imagine this, Char Siew, not completely lean meat, it has just enough fats to go with it for total satisfaction. Then it is BBQ-ed to perfection. The meat is so very tender. The fats are half burnt hence the crispy-ness when you take a bite. *HEAVENLY*

Hahaha... Don't imagine anymore. Go try it yourself. While you are at it, give me a call. I'm just across the road in UCSI. Hahahaha....

Till then, take care, God bless!

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