Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I THINK I've decided to start again this new year of 2006. Perhaps it is just because I am having a pretty long break in college now, thinking of what to do. LOL! Anyway, doing my FINAL semester now in KDU. Hopefully, I will not have to come back to this place to continue my degree. Sick of this place! Sigh... This is a very very hectic semester, having classes until 5pm almost everyday, doing 4 miserable subjects and the semester finishes in 8 weeks. What the #$%^&*!!!!!?!?!?!???? Enough of rubbish for now. To all visitors, dropper bys and blog hoppers, HAPPY CHRISTMAS & A VERY MERRY NEW YEAR TO YOU! ALthough it is very belated, I think it is okay. =)

Till then, take good care and God bless!

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