Wednesday, June 25, 2008

DSLR Jumble Sale Yesterday!

There was a DSLR Jumble Sale in the Parliament yesterday! Too bad, like many of you, I missed it too!

Most of it were professional DSLRs with big lenses and big flashes! There were a few video cameras as well. There were cheap too!

Nah! Not actually. There was a media ban in the Parliament yesterday. The media were confined to just a small area in the lobby of the building.

Picture courtesy of The Star

Hush in lobby after media ban

THE lobby at Parliament House had always bustled with activity, but yesterday it was silent. Journalists were barred from the main part of the lobby, and were only allowed access to a small corner of the area.

Surprised pressmen were greeted by red tape cordoning off the lobby as they entered Parliament yesterday morning.

Security personnel standing guard told reporters that they had been issued a directive to keep the press away from the lobby.

As a sign of protest, the journalists refused to attend any of the press conferences held yesterday.

MPs were also taken by surprise.


R. Sivarasa (PKR – Subang), Tian Chua (PKR – Batu), Nurul Izzah Anwar (PKR – Lembah Pantai), Jeff Ooi (DAP – Jelutong) and Lim Lip Eng (DAP – Segambut) went to the media centre to give press conferences but were turned down.

The Star.

Soon after, they were again allowed to be free. The barricades were removed by Barisan Nasional Backbenchers Club (BBC) and the many journalists resumed their duty.

Picture courtesy of The Star

Sigh... If only I was there during that time. I would have "bought" a few home. LOL!

Hopefully you are not mad at me. Just hungry for some traffic after a long absent in posting.

Till then, take care, God bless!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Nikonian Academy Model Photoshoot @ Sunway Pyramid feat. Jill Moo (Part 3 Finale)

Final part to the photoshoot that happened a week ago. In this series, its all about Ms. Jill Moo. IMHO, on that day, she was the easiest model to work with. Not to forget the smile on her face. I was just BEDAZZLED!

The previous parts can be viewed Here(Part 1) and Here(Part 2).

Anyway, enjoy!








And lastly, my favourite shot of this marvellous model;


To Ms. Jill Moo, wishing you all the best in your modelling career. I'm sure with what you are doing now, you will definitely go far! Cheers babe!

Till then, take care and God bless! Hope you enjoyed this whole series as much as I did when shooting them.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Nikonian Academy Model Photoshoot @ Sunway Pyramid (Part 2)

Nothing much to blog about these days. Everyone has already blogged about all the hot news flying around these days. Frankly, I'm already tired of giving my own opinions. Not like they would work anyway. Just living the life that I want to for now. If you have known me long enough, "DO I LOOK LIKE I CARE?"

Anyway, here are the rest of the pics from the model photoshoot. Enjoy!
If you have missed Part 1, it is HERE.


QiQi close up

1 of the nicer model to work with. Very cheerful and smiley face. Cheers!

Yan Yee

Yan Yee

Yan Yee

Till then, 1 more LAST part to come. God bless!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Nikonian Academy Model Photoshoot @ Sunway Pyramid

With the heavy DISSAPOINTMENT from the entrance of Sunway Lagoon to enter Roxy Summer Splash, we headed back into Sunway Pyramid for jalan-jalan.

It was then that Jason reminded us that there was a Nikon Roadshow going on in that place itself. What more, it comes with a fashion show and a model photoshoot session.

Well, this is actually my 1st time shooting a model also my 1st taste of potrait photography.

Here are what I took, enjoy!



*Yan Yee*



*Yee Yew*


Spot yourself~!

Part 2 Coming right up!

Till then, God bless!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Roxy Summer Splash! OMG!

ETA : 1330 hours
Location : Side Entrance to Sunway Lagoon

OMG!! Millions of people trying to get into a puny little door.

I seriously did not expect it to be like that. I was expecting it to be dead. Come to think of it, how many people reads Seventeen magazine? They would've probably be school kids since it only caters to those who are around 17 years of age.

It was almost a stampede!

Then it came to my mind that this event was entirely FREE! FOC! OMG! If there were 50,000 copies of the magazine printed out, 1 pass was given with every copy. There would have already be 50,000 people but NO! 1 pass admits 2! That is 100,000 puny little ants(from my pics that is)!

In the end, Yatz, Jason and I didn't bother to even step near that place. We left to walk about Pyramid to join in the rest who were also dissapointed with the turnout! LOL!

Anyway, there was a camera fair that was also happening in the same place so a few of us headed there! To me, this place was more happening than to be inside Sunway Lagoon. Here's why;

Spot yourself in there~!

More of these coming up NEXT! Stay tuned!

Till then, God bless!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

My car is going to COMMIT SUICIDE! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr. Gomen! What's happening? What's up with the sudden price hike?

Just in today morning's news, they announced that there will only be a new price come August. But now? It is already going up RM0.78 in 3 hours time! OMGWTFBBQKNNCCBPKHLKTNSMCH~!@#$%^&*~!@#$%^&!!!!!!!!!!!

The better part of this is now, by August, price will be double of what it used to be? Does this mean wages will be doubled up too? Can my tuition fees be reduced by half? I mean, logically, it is supposed to be this way isn't it? Anyway, it will NEVER happen, all of us know! Sigh...

More of the news can be read here. The Star, The New Straits Times &

Besides all that, the govt has also promised to give a rebate of RM625 anually to owners of cars with the capacity below 2000cc and pick-up trucks and jeeps with the capacity of below 2500cc. Motorcyclist with their bike capacities below 250cc will receive a rebate of RM150.

Car owners of larger than 2000cc capacitiy will receive a discount of RM200 in their road tax(there goes my dream of getting my beloved BMW M5). Where as bike owners whom bikes are above 250cc will have RM50 minused of their annual road tax.

All this happened again partly thanks to our friendly neighbours who comes in very often to our country for business and shopping. And then on their way back, suck up some of our country's subsidised petrol. Or maybe, Mr. Gomen is just using this as gimmick to increase the rate. Maybe? Maybe not? Let's not speculate much here. What's done's DONE!

Let's do some calculation here.

Rebate = RM625
Amount in litre = RM625 / RM2.70(new price) = 231.48 litres
Amount in litre in a month = 231.48 / 12 = 19.29 litres

Supposed you are an average traveller like me, I use about RM250 of petrol in a month.

Amount used a month = RM250 / RM1.92(current rate) = 130.21 litres
Amount after subsidy = 130.21 litres - 19.29 litres = 110.92 litres

New petrol price for users like me for 1 month,
= 110.92 litres x RM2.70
= RM299.50

Therefore, after minusing the subsidy that's like a pity to us. I will now have to spend about RM50 extra a month in petrol which is a 20% increase from the previous rate.

Scenario 2:
B is a sales person. He travels an average of 150km per day everyday to meet up with clients or even to service his(products) clients. Let's see how much petrol does B have to pay in this new rate.

Calculations and done based on a general fuel comsumption of 10km/litre.

Amount used per day = (150 / 10) x RM1.92(old rate) = RM28.80
Amount used in a month = RM28.80 x 30 = RM864.00(old rate)
Amount of petrol used in a month = RM864 / RM1.92 = 450 litres

With the new rate;
Amount used after subsidy = 450 litres - 19.29 litres = 430.71 litres
Therefore, the new rate that B pays is;
= 430.71 x RM2.70
= RM1162.92(Wow!)

B pays a diffrence of RM298.92 which is a 34.59% increase from the previous rate.

This concludes that the higher one's petrol usage is, the less he/she will benefit from the rebate. In conclusion, rebate . . . . WE WANT SOMETHING MORE THAN THE REBATE! What about reduced road tax & tolls + the current rebate?!

Prior to that, definitely, prices of everything else will increase, i.e. FOOD. Sigh...

I will now have to live on the Bible promise in

Matthew 4:4 Jesus answered, "It is written: 'Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.' "

Oh yah, if you didn't know, the govt decided to increace the electricity tariffs by 18% for homes and 26% for business owners.

"He also said that Tenaga Nasional Bhd would be raising electricity rates by 18% for homes and 26% for business users." Pak Lah from The Star.

Why oh why?

Sigh... God bless!

Other bloggers who are also furious about this price hike!

2. 3iLinG
3. TV SMITH'S Dua Sen to save fuel!

Monday, June 02, 2008

Part 3(Final) : Pets Gathering with the guys from

So sorry for the delay. Been very busy lately with school work. Forgive me please!

Anyway, here's the continuation to the Pets gathering that happened 237654days ago!

If you have missed the previous entries, PART 1 & PART 2.

Hi! My name is Brain(Maltese)! Err... Got brain? Of course got la!

A man-loving dog! LOL! =P

Dogs loving dogs! LOL! =P Btw, both males. Hahahaha...

WWE World Heavyweight Championship. John Cena vs. Randy Orton!

Tired! Resting time!

Me too! *pause* Rest time!

Molester alert!

What a baby! Adorable!

Close-Up of Hello!

Hello loves pecking at metal things i.e. Glasses, Chains & Watches.

The floor rug outside my toilet! LoL!

If you are interested in pets and all sorrts of animals! Come join us at HomeAPet!
We are now in the midst of planning another trip/gathering. This time is to nature! Its waterfall time! If you have a pet and would like to bring them along, you are most welcomed! Even if you dont have one and you would like to tag along, you are most welcomed too!
Check it out HERE!

Till then, God bless!

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