Sunday, May 25, 2008

Pets Gathering with the guys from

Last week, a few of us + our pets from HomeAPet attended a gathering in a friend's house. It was supposed to be a 'Siong Kai' function where one of the dog was supposed to be receive/acknowledge his godmother. Well, it was a fun gathering with alot of pets, mostly dogs. Here are the pictures! Have fun!

Hi! My name is Milo! I'm a toy poodle! Today is my day!

See me smile! Grab a shot quick!

I'm so happy that I'm laughing! LOL!

Ok la! Enough of pics! I also know hot to shy one you know?

Ok la give you guys 1 more chance! Last pic but this time its different!

This is me and my new kai ma, Qing Qing! Pretty hor? =)

How was that after a long break? More pics to come! Stay tuned!

If you are very much into animals like me, fell free to visit! There's a bunch of nice people inside there!

Till then, take care peepz! Ciao!


Yatz said...

fuuuh gila cun qing qing.......punya dog >.<

J@s0n said...

honestly pretty leh..Qing Qing.. but Milo oso cute la...onli thing is the pics a bit under...more pics of Qing QIng please...

wEtwEtwAtEr said...

Sorry man, that's all I have!

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