Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Random Updates - 1

Last week was a bad week. Damn suey! I wish not to remember what happened but nvm I shall blog about it without pics. WTF?

Last Friday,
-was out for breakkie at 7.30a.m. with Zoe, Sherry and Hikaru

-went to uni, wasted 2 'FISHing' hours in a stupid talk which is ao damn boring and not interesting at all

-lunch-ed and headed to Summit with the 2 girls. PWN-ed The Soya Shop. LOL!
-went to the carpark to notice that one of the tires was FLAT! suspected the people from The Soya Shop. WTFish?
-started changing tyre and the stupid jack in my car decided to fail me. thank God for Alex who so happened to be in Starbucks Summit eventhough he wasnt working that day. got the jack from his car and changed it. *pheww*
-went for a drink at Starbucks after that tire changing ordeal. *panas gila in the basement* #Drink-Of-The-Day - Iced Shaken Lemon Zen
-found out that I have an ex-girlfriend I dont even know. hmm...

-sent the 2 girls home
-wound down the window to pay the toll, it decided not to go back up! WTF! it was going to rain like SOON?! OMG! what a day . . .

Then comes Saturday,
-was at church practicing for our skit for My Got Talent. it was GOOD! AWESOMELY GOOD!
-it started raining like 'FISH' warning were given to remove cars out of the basement
-drove the car out to the main road, within 10 mins, water in church basement were almost thisknee level
-some drivers were stupid enough to attempt to drive their car through the water. stupid or ignorant? you decide. one of it was a RM738,888 Mercedes CLS350. there goes RM740k mind you, no insurance as the flood was an act of God aka natural disaster

Sunday came,
-it was a normal Sunday except for sending my dogs for grooming. Sue tagged along.

Tuesday at Pyramid,
-was supposed to have Babi brunch but we were FFK-ed
-headed to Pyramid with Acey and Sherry
-met up with Mesha, Sue, Zoe and Melvin bummed at Starbucks for like 3 hours?
-left while the rest headed for dinner
-dinner-ed at home(homecooked food ROX!) and slept early
-here I am, stoning at 5.00am in the morning. WTFish!

Till then, its boring I know. What a weekend it was.
Take care, God bless

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