Monday, March 24, 2008

My New Found JOY!

This is a long delayed post!

I shall write about my new found pride and joy! My knight in shining armour!

Ever since I was young, I am very fond of dogs. Dogs are such lovable creatures. Dont you agree with me?

But then, no matter how much I persuaded my mum, she wouldnt allow me to have one at home(dad's always cool about it though). Well, anywhere I go with dogs, I would indulge in them. No matter big ones or smaller ones. They are just so so adorable!

Until recently, my uncle told me that his friend is giving up 2 of their dogs as they have 4 at home and his wife is fed up of taking care of 4 dogs alone. Therefore, 2 of it will be given up for adoption.

That very day, we travelled to his house to take a look at the dog. The 2 dogs are American Cocker Spaniels! They were oh so cute with the long ears and golden brown fur. Anyone would have fallen in love with them.

There, the owner hurried us to take the dogs home. He is also actually fed up of his wife nagging everyday about the dogs. He said, "If we dont take them home today, the 2 dogs will be given to other people."

Yours truly, who never had dogs before wasnt actually ready to have one at home all of a sudden. Time is needed to prepare the place and reading up! Hence, we took the dog home but instead, we left him at a pet shop for washing up and grooming + 1 night boarding. This happened a few days before Chinese New Year!

Fast forward 2 months, I now call myself a proud owner of my Junior boy. He is quite obedient(at times). Very loving, does not bark and most of all, a very very friendly dog to everyone! even strangers!

How can you not love them when they always snuggle up to you? when they always wait for you to come home? when they joyfully pounce on you after a long tired day at work/school?

I proudly present to you, Junior boy!









mei yii said...

Haha! So cool his haircut. :P

J@s0n said...

so cute...wer is the other one?hehehhe...

Yatz said... skirting? lol

Jan said...

oooh the dog is cute!!! i like it~~ so good, my mom stil does not allows me to get a dog >3<

wEtwEtwAtEr said...

HEhehe Thanks!
Can one. U must assure yr mom that you will take good care of the dog! :P
She is just worried that she will have to take care of the dog.

rachie said...

my goodness.. he's beautiful!

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