Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Malaysia General Election 2008 : Aftermath of the aftermath!

These has been hot hot news!

As we all know, mansion king, Datuk Zakaria "Jiak Ka Liao" Deros has passed away! The former Port Klang assemblyman passed away this 2.30am this morning due to a heart attack!

After much controversies end last year, our friend decided to give up his place this MGE2008 to give way to his daughter-in-law. We all know that it is just a gimmick, he will still be in power somehow. Let's just say his DIL would just be his puppet. Unfortunately, things didnt go his way. He left "home" today. RIP Datuk Zakaria!

We all know, he built a mansion in Klang without any permit from the state govt. This mansion has 16 bedrooms, 21 bathrooms, a 2-hole golf lawn, gazebos, a swimming pool, 2 rooms for maids and much more. All these built on a 43000sqft piece of land which was actually meant for developing low-cost houses for the poor.

Besides that, he also operated a Satay Restaurant on a government land which also has no licence for trading and he has not been paying assesment for the past 12 years.

Tell me, does he deserve this? You say!

On a lighter note,

Lim Guan Eng has been sworn in as the 5th Penang State Chief Minister today. Kudos Lim Jr.!

As reported, his 1st move was to waive all summons issued by the local state council on howkers and parking offenders! That's what a good leader is about.

I believe, he is not doing this so much to please the rakyat but I think he will be coming out with new laws and regulations regarding these 2 matters.

Secondly, YB Lim has announced that he is going to the Parliament and ask for money(RM940 Million) from Petronas to build the 2nd Penang Bridge! Hopefully, his request will be granted by the Federal Govt. This is a good move which in turn will definitely help the tourism industry in that state.

This move will also ease the traffic moving in and out of the island. The next General Election, Penangites living away from Penang would be much happier to go home and vote for their "favourite" government.

As for me, living in Selangor, studying in KL, I hope that the new Selangor CM will also draft out measures that will help ease the burden of us in this state. I.e. Toll!, insufficient parking places and etc.

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