Friday, October 19, 2007

New phone to come!

I am still trying to sell my beloved phone. Although its a reluctant sale, I think I am starting to get a bit impatient to sell. Hahahaha...

This is because, I already have in mind what I want to buy next. I have already set my eyes on a Sony Ericsson P990i. This is a PDA phone. I think, a PDA phone still suit me better since the ol' faithful O2 Atom which I used for quite awhile.

SE P990i

In fact, I actually wanted a Sony Ericsson P1i. This is a newer version of the P990i. Which looks nicer, is slimmer and more "gaya". They both share similar punctions. Thank GOD! Unfortunately, since this is NEW, I do not have the budget for it. Or maybe I should save more to get this. I shall think about this perhaps.

The stunning, sexy SE P1i

But then, I have my own philosophy. I dont believe in buying new phones for myself. Here are reasons why;
1. It is expensive.
2. The newer ones come out like the day after you buy the phone.
3. From 2, hence, the price of the phone will drop drastically.
4. I do not like to be a quinea pig.(Let people use 1st and read their reviews and in time for a used set.)
5. My backside gets itchy as and when it likes to. Sometimes, ALWAYS!(The chinese saying goes "Si fatt han ar?" This is a tag line which usually comes before telling someone off. Its similar to "nothing else better to do ar?")
6. I got no money to buy NEW phone actually. Hehehehe...

So any buyers? Come come! Buy buy! Great deal! Quick quick!

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