Tuesday, December 30, 2003

hellos people! i am back! LoL... merry belated christmas and a blessed new year to everyone who reads my blog! may God bless u abundantly in the year to come. =) christmas was fun! not many presents though. hehehe... my church had a christmas celebration on the eve of christmas! it was good with the choir n the skits. this couple with a newborn baby acted as Joseph, Virgin Mary and baby Jesus. the baby was so so cute! *grins* the choir did really well too! praise God! then on christmas morning, headed to gunung ledang resort for a camp. my church youth camp! everything were just so so great! had so much fun in camp. sadly i was chosen to be a group leader at the camp. LoL... i don't know how or why but yea, i ended up as a leader. i didn't too bad i guess. thank God i didn't finish last. LoL... hehehehe.... here are a few pics of camp.

lunch on the 1st day. yummylicious! =P

practice sesion before praise and worship

part of the survivor challenge. i knew i would survive. LoL...

last challenge. memorise Psalms 91. *phEWwWw*

after all the fun we had, its time to be serious. this is during ministry where Ps Elisa gave a prophecy to everyone.

hehehe.. did you all enjoy? hmm.. well here is a pic of everyone at the camp. the whole youth team of Renewal Lutheran Church. enjoy! take care and God bless! HAPPY NEW YEAR! =P

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