Monday, January 05, 2004

hellos 2004!! let's just keep this short and sweet. i am late actually. hehehe... anyways, just wanted to with u people happy belated new year! goodbye 2003, hello 2004!! *winks* may this year be a good and wonderful one which runs smoothly without any hitches at all. *prays hard* hehehehe... yea.. that's just about it.

new year's eve. bid goodbye to 2003 at port dickson. had a bbq by the beach. we were late though. we reached just in time to say hello to 2004 and there after started the fire n began cooking. hehehe.. it was a last minute planned thing though. anyway, it wasn't too bad. had loads of fun there. but unfortunately that place was infested with a group of idiots! sigh... idiots and their noisy bikes mostly malays and indians. they were making hella alot of noise. sigh... no peace at all. left that place at 5+ in the morning. reached back kl at around 7. and slept half a day of the brand new year. LoL... had much fun though. hmm... but then this new year hasnt shown me any signs of goodness yet. hahaha... nevermind. i shall be waiting patiently or should i say anxciously. LoL =)

anyways, take care people and happy new year!! *winks*

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