Saturday, January 24, 2004

hellos!! GONG XI FA CAI! angpau? hehehe... how issit the year of monkey so far? hope its just good to u. to me, nothing much. no significant diff. LoL... was back at hometown(seremban) since eve. just got home today. collected quite a number of angpaus but it isnt like wat i expected, FAT ones but wat the heck! money still. hehehe... THANKS everyone.

well, as usual during CNY its all about visitation, where u go visit friends and relatives like once a year? dats during CNY. hehehe... and during visitation all u do is just eat eat eat n EAT! yes EAT! sigh... had been eating non stop for the past few days. LoL... anyone care to join me for jogging sessions after CNY? tag me! hahaha... LoL..

hmm.. i dont know what else to write. enjoy yr CNY! collect more angpaus! fat ones! hehehe... dont eat too much! sigh... take care n God bless. hehehe... *winks*

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