Tuesday, January 13, 2004

sigh.. its been 16545687633595838 years since i last blogged. walaa! i'm back. anybody missed me? i doubt it. hahahaha... well, life had been okay i guess. didn't do much. actually cleaned up my room. buahahaha... checked out some colleges where i can get my @$$ to with my yucky results. either INTI or KDU. well, it all depends on my application to MMU also. they're supposed to get back to me by end of this month. *prays hard*

hmm... visited my fren's shoppe in sunway doing airbrush. GosH that place is cool man. i wish i could do up my car too. maybe put a pic of myself on the car. hahaha... do drop by at Nitro Designs at sunway. for further details, tag me! those of you who wants to do up yr car e.g. air brush, bodykits. and also RC cars enthusiasts. they have a place for that too!

well, that's about it i guess. just hoping that i would get my @$$ back to studies soon and not rot at home, going out n wasting money. sigh sigh sigh... anyways take care! and God bless.

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