Thursday, January 08, 2004

lalala... hellos again! sigh... feeling sick-ish. dunno why. had been coughing badly for the past few days. hmm... if you did notice, i already striked out my working thing in my about me section. yea! was feeling sick today so called up the office n told them i was sick. then later i decided to call up my boss n tell him i wanna stop work coz i wanna catch up with my studies so yea, i stopped working already. hehehe...

next phase of my life, STUDIES. arGh!!! hehehe... talking about studies, its quite saddening actually. my sucky A levels results couldnt qualify me to study anything. sigh... except some business courses at Help Institute instead of engineering which i always wanna do. so i guess now i haf to do my pre-U all over again or maybe go check out the colleges and see whether are they kind enough to give me conditional offers. sigh sigh sigh... y was i so so lazy? LoL... if not then study BUSINESS? what the . . . ? ? ? something i always hated but then again, do i have a choice? NO!!!

sigh... i'm going through a stage of depression i guess. damn stressed up thinking bout these stuffs. that's a reason i quit my job also. can't take it anymore! arGh!!! nvm nvm i'll be fine. i hope. hehehe... take cares all! *grins*

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