Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Yea. gave into temptations again last Sunday. WEnt over to Big Apple again after church.

Nonetheless, it was GOOD! Loads of people queueing up for their donuts! Thank God we were like 5 mins early. Soon after that, these bunch of human beings from no where all came and started queueing up.

You cannot deny the FACT that they, BIG APPLE serve GREAT donuts! Many already said that Krispy Kremes tastes way better. To me, this is the closest I get to Krispy Kremes. No point you telling me that Krispy Kremes is better cos I have not taste it before. To proove your point, maybe you should bring me some oh-so-famous-Krispy Kremes and let me try. Then maybe I can tell you which taste better.

Well, that day, we had Green Tea, Durian, Belgian Choc, Double Choc, Coco Pops and Peanut Butter.

And from that, I tell you that Double Choc is reccomended for chocolate lovers. Every bite is chocolatey. Chocolate drips out of everywhere when you eat it! Durian is reccomended to all durian lovers. This flavor is limited. Made from real D24 durian. Only available in the season. Peanut Butter is reccomended to all! The peanut butter is just oh-so-creamy!

Hahaha.... I'm sorry if I made you salivate. Go try it if you havent! Sorry, no pics again this time! No time for pics. =P Hehehehe....

Till then! Transformers anyone? I havent watch yet!!!

Take care and God bless!

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