Friday, July 27, 2007


Glory GLory Man United!

I'm sure everyone knew how "well" Malaysia did in the AFC Asia Cup Finals. Our opponents must be thanking the country so much for hosting them in this competition and also letting them have easy way through the Group matches.


Like the title goes, Manchester United should have come! If you didn't know, Malaysia was one of their stops in their current on-going Asian tour. Well, of many, MU was in Korea and just finished a game in China just last week. Well, MU was supposed to play in Malaysia on Monday 23/7/07 if I'm not mistaken. But oh well, the Malaysian Sports Council stopped them from coming. They wanted us Malaysians to support our own country in the Asia Cup Finals. I guess their efforts went down the drain. Not only the team did not do well in the competitions, I guess the fans couldn't be bothered to actually go and watch the match.

Come on, maybe some had bought tickets to the 1st Malaysian match. But after that, do you think they still want to go and watch? It may be nice to watch goals being scored whether is it you scoring or people scoring against you but this is really embarrassing! Not only 1 or 2 goals conceded but 5? OMGWTFBBQ~!@#$%^&*() Am I to laugh at this or should I cry at the poor performance of my country's football team? Sigh...

To sum it up, someone came up with this picture about FAM(Football Association of Malaysia) and it was forwarded in the e-mails. Check it out!
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Well, IRAQ and SAUDI ARABIA will be playing in the finals. The match will be held in Indonesia. This competition was actually jointly hosted by 3 nations i.e. Malaysia, Thailand & Indonesia. The 3rd and 4th placing would see JAPAN going against SOUTH KOREA. It was surprising that both the teams lost in the semis. Well, like many say, the ball is ROUND!

Anyway, enough about Manchester United for now. And if you are also an ardent MU fan, fate is like that. Well, what to do?

That's about it for now, till then, take care and God bless!

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