Thursday, September 18, 2008

Remedies for staying AWAKE!

I have 2 tests on tomorrow. They carry 10% of my final marks. Thank God, 1 of it has been taken care of(if not, I'm surely dead!)

Then again, the other one is HELL! I hate mugging subjects. I was/am never good with words. Let alone memorizing them. I have a great history of flunking reading/mugging subjects. Well, yea, subjects like Biology and History in high school, Economics during A Levels and a management subject in Diploma. Give me 10 minutes to read and soon, the book will be studying me!

And that was the reason I chose to major in Engineering because I dont like to read. I rather use a calculator/computer to calculate/count something. Its way more fun than mugging! To me at least.

Anyway, the subject I am studying for tomorrow is Engineering Manufacturing and Process. I have in my hands a stack of notes, with 90% wordstiny words and 10% pictures. I have to memorise this whole stack of notes for tomorrow's paper. Hence the creation of this blog post.

I went around the internet searching for remedies to stay awake. Well, here are some I found;

1. Get yourself into a sugar rush! Sweets, candies, chocolates and the likes of it.

2. Caffeinated drinks. Coke, coffee, tea and bla bla.(Someone even suggested to add coffee powder into Coke!)

3. Energy drinks like Red bull, Livita and bla bla.

4. Drink lotsa COLD water. Getting up to pee keeps you from sleeping too.

5. Excercise lightly like doing some star jumps or walking briskly around the room.(Remember just lightly or you might get too tired)

6. Sleep earlier if you know you have to stay awake.(Unfortunately, its too late. If I sleep now, I will wake up in time to go for the test)

7. Tyrosine helps with being alert. Acetyl lcarnitine and phosphatidylserine will keep you alert.(WTF are those? Its from the net anyway)

8. Drink Brands Essence of Chicken.(LOL!)

Yahoo Answers 1
Yahoo Answers 2

From all I have searched, these were the most practical ones. Try it and let me know if it works!

1. As loud as you can, count from one to ten while standing
2. Stand Up, walk around in circles while stomping your feet, whistling, cheering, and clap your hands for 60 seconds as if you are applauding yourself
3. Play some lively music and sing along or dance
4. Eat an Apple
5. Drink a glass of juice with a teaspoon of Vitamin C crystals - the juice should be half juice and half water

Instant Energy for Basic Fatigue

That's a quick post for now after so long! Back to studies..
Take care, God bless!


kAi said...

will try it afterwards...

wEtwEtwAtEr said...

thanks for dropping by. hope it did work for you.


John said...

The first set of #1-#4... not healthy. Don't do it too often.

The second set of #1-#3... not healthy too, because doing those stuffs late at night will result in getting beaten up by your neighbours or being hauled to Tanjung Rambutan

John said...

Itulah, last minute studying.

By the way, how's the tests?

wEtwEtwAtEr said...

JOhn : in fact, they are all NOT healthy.

Test was okay. Thanks!

Andrew said...

lol Brands!!! haha.. all da best la bro!! =D btw, i just can't wait for Passion!!! weeeeee~

angie said...

essence pls! :) yee yan sang kasi 1 bottle. :)

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