Friday, September 19, 2008

How do you cope with STRESS? Familiar?

Was quite stressed out last night studying for 2 tests until I saw the Nuffnang ad by Osim. Since I was stressed out, I clicked on it.

This is what I saw. The guy seems really stressed out! It made me feel GOOD. LOL!

I explored further. Entered my details as I wanted to know how stressed up am I.

They brought me to a STRESS test. What kinda questions are those? Do you experience COLD sweat in the armpits? Hmmm... Answered them anyway. And I found out that the questions changes everytime you do the test.

Jeng Jeng Jenga! I'm really not as stressed as I am. Those are just general questions anyway.
If you notice the middle link from above, The world's FIRST Anti-Stress Head Massager? It amazed me! It looks good! I wonder if it really works.

Check it out here!

Osim uCrown

And now, would any kind soul sponsor me one of those thing for a try out? Have been stressed up pretty much lately. Thanks to loads of work from school and falling sick last weekend. Sigh...

Till then,
Take care, God bless!


Jentz said...

Sapsapsui = wetwetwater.. nice!

anyways, me no party animal please..

ooo i did the test!! My results - High STress level..

Oooo eemm Geee..
Need to stop working.. lol

John said...

Nothing beats a human massager...

wEtwEtwAtEr said...

jentz : hahaha.. yea! better stop soon!

john : yea i agree! a HOT one! LOL!

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