Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Well, that's the case. This news has been on the main page of Yahoo! for the past few days. This guys is just UBERLY cool! If only I could do something so spectacular during this week of holiday that I have. It would be a great way to spend my holidays too!

SAN FRANCISCO - The teenage hacker who managed to unlock the iPhone so that it
can be used with cellular networks other than AT&T will be trading his
reworked gadget for a new car.
George Hotz, of Glen Rock, N.J., said he had
reached the deal with CertiCell, a Louisville, Ky.-based mobile phone repair
Hotz posted on his blog that he traded his modified iPhone for "a
sweet Nissan 350Z and 3 8GB iPhones."

This is just so so cool! Unlock an iPhone, and get a Nissal Fairlady? A Z33 I suppose? Since its a 350Z. Nothing beats this man! If only I knew how to. =P Oh and 3 more iPhones too!

A SPANKING Nissan Fairlady 350Z

Not 1, not 2 but 3 FREAKING iPhones!

"This has been a great end to a great summer," Hotz wrote.
The 17-year-old
Hotz said he will be sending the three new iPhones to the three online
collaborators who helped him divorce Apple Inc's popular product from AT&T's
network. The job took 500 hours, or about 8 hours a day since the iPhone's June
29 launch.

Well, he spent 500 hours trying to unlock the Apple iPhone which in USA is locked to AT&T as their service provider. Worth it huh? Work 500 hours, for a Nissan Fairlady. I'm willing to! HIRE ME!!! =P

Hotz made the deal with Terry Daidone, co-founder of CertiCell, who also
promised the teen a paid consulting job.
"We do not have any plans on the
table right now to commercialize Mr. Hotz' discovery," Daidone said in a

And in the end also getting a consulting job? Wah HOW NICE? What more do you want? A car, 3 iPhones and a Job! Not to forget, the FAME! This fella is so lucky!

Mr. George "The Hacker" Hotz with his hacked iPhone

Read the original article and more about it from Yahoo! here.

Well, personally, I think the iPhone is just a hype. The main reason I do not favor the iPhone is its OS. The iPhone runs on an independent OS by Apple. Therefore, being much of a PDA user I am, I love to explore 3rd party applications. In this case, I don't think there are any for the iPhone as of yet.

The other reason would be because of its price. To me, its way overpriced! Rumoured to be selling at RM4000+ here in Malaysia, I would rather get a Nokia E90 for that price.

Well, that's my case on the iPhone. For GAYA purposes, YES, definitely! But for practicality, NAH, not good enough!

I rest my case! =P

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