Wednesday, August 22, 2007

4 express busses CRASH a month, 2 FATAL ones.

Click on the picture to read about the bus and its accident.

Click HERE for the fourth accident.

If you have been reading the newspapers for the pass days(weeks) back, you've probably read these. Sad story. Triple sigh . . .

Any foreigners reading this? Can your country beat this record? This achievement is not to be proud of. It involves lives of INNOCENT people. Sigh... Who should we blame it on?

IMHO, yes the drivers are at fault. But if you ask me, we should all the more blame the authorities. They are the ones in charge of all these matters. If a driver is not fit to drive, by all means stop him from driving.

This drivers, all they want to is to make a living, feed their family members. They will somehow try all ways so that they can hold on to their jobs and earn some money.

Let's keep this short and sweet. No matter what, I still think the authorities are at fault. They should be the ones enforcing the rules and not just take matters easily.

OK I shall stop here. There are many things that cannot be said here. As this is public. Well, those things that you know is what I know as well. So let's just keep it to ourselves.

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