Sunday, November 02, 2003

*yawns* hehe... just got up from my "afternoon" nap. lol... hmm... friday wasn't much of a day, nothing much happened. after work i went for 'All Night Prayer' in church. it didn't finish until about 11.30 p.m. and i didn't go to jen ni's house for her birthday celebration. sorry ya jen! ;) anyways HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! :P then after the prayer meeting, headed to gazebo for a drink with my church friends. left right after my drink, didnt lepak with them. was too tired. *phew* reached home talked to her until about 2 coz she had to get up for work later in that day. :)

the following day, woke up kinda late. hehe... just in time for me to go to church for youth service. Young People Fellowship (YPF). unfortunately i didn't get to attend YPF coz at the same time, something bigger was happening in my church's main hall. it was the Miracle Healing Rally by Ps. Vernon. and they needed my help in the P.A. area. and thanks to the heavy rain, the power box tripped like 7 times?!?!?!?! yeah... 7 times. sigh... had to run up and down. but nonetheless, it was an experience being there. i SAW people getting up from their wheelchair and WALK! YES! WALK! the deaf HEAR! people with frozen limbs moved their limbs. all in all, all honour and glory belongs to Jesus Christ. :)
when the event finished went to KGNS to have a deepavali dinner for my family held by my uncle. didn't eat at all there. don't know why just didn't felt right at that time. joined jj,mug,ash,nic,jus&kok hong in gazebo after the dinner. ate my dinner there and yes! SHISHAH! i guess those people are addicted to it. they went there just for SHISHAH. anyway, we had 2 bottles that night. lol... came home couldn't really sleep. after talking to her until about almost 2.30 in the morning she went to bed coz she had to work later in that day.

today is the day! hahaha... woke up kinda early in the morning for church. was like half asleep. hehehe... then i was kinda late for my duty. i was supposed to serve Holy Communion. when i reached church they were just about to start. hehehe... well actually i made it just in time. :P came back from church and SLEPT straightaway. and now yes!! like i said i just got up and i'm blogging. :)

sorry if i said anything wrong. hehe... half asleep ler. lol... :P

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