Thursday, November 20, 2003

hmm... just too lazy to blog lately. nothing great had happened to me. well, its kinda normal la. hehe...
just that recently, things are starting to go really haywire! sigh... wonder why it had to be in such a way. "God! i pray and ask, please grant all my heart's desire. i pray that in Jesus' name." "Amen!"
that just suck man. maybe its just an obstacle that i'd been put through. but sadly, that's real hard to cross over! its something like climbing Mt. Everest then right after it you have to scale past The Grand Canyon to reach the other side. yes, its that DIFFECULT!
well, i have nothing much to say. thank heaven for this blog where i can pour out everything. :)

girl, (you know who you are) its just too difficult for me to do whatever i had mentioned. i'm very very sorry for it. although i know its too late but i've tried my best and i failed tremendously. you are a part of me. and without you, i'm practically USELESS. and i know its very hard for you after those that you've been through. but all i ask is just another chance from you. and i SWEAR i wont let this go that easily anymore.
with lotsa <3 LOVE <3,

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