Wednesday, November 05, 2003

me is back! after 3 full days. was kinda busy at work these days. sigh... with this new scheme coming up. so anyone of you has any friends whom they just got retrenched or just had undergone a VSS(Voluntary Separation Scheme). tell them that there is a training programme 100% sponsored by the government. Saito College offers 3 different courses which are:-

  • Cert. in Business Management
  • Cert. in English
  • Cert. in Information Technology

    in this course, you will have to attend classes in the college everyday and on top of that, the government will give you an allowance of RM500 every month. so if you or any of your friends are interested and are eligible to register for this training scheme, kindly contact Saito College at 03 - 7954 7200 or you can give me a ring at 016 - 3735322. well, that's what we've all been busy about. coz this programme brings good money to the college. we are now searching everywhere for people to join this course.

    life had been okay for the past few days. nothing much happened. met her yesterday in pyramid together with rowena. *grins* blekz... sigh... time for me to go home now! ciao ciao... goin to my aunt's house and sleep awhile first. too sleepy to drive and get stuck in the jam on the way back. so i'm gonna PIG for quite sometime i guess. LoL... ciaos peeps ! take care ! cheers !

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