Thursday, November 27, 2003

lalalalala... a week after the previous post. nothing much had happened actually. nothing much to crap about. its all work work work and work! hahahaha...

there was a big time concert held in my church last weekend. it was by Sun. she's the deputy senior pastor of City Harvest Church, also an artist/singer/dancer. she does modern gospel songs mostly in chinese. she was so so HOT! with HOT backups and HOT dancers! hehe... the concert was so so packed! it was held in my church. the night began with a worship session by the worship team from City Harvest Church. their worship was real good with a strong prasence of God. and during the concert there were about 500 people saved! Praise The LORD! :) here are a few pics i leeched on the concert.

checkout her dresscode!

they were teaching the crowd on the dancesteps to the song. check it out from Sun's website.

Ps Kong Hee, Sun's husband also the senior pastor of City Harvest Church during the altar call.

hari raya holidays. 2 days break from work. on the 1st day, was at klang for some good bak kut teh for breakfast with some of my church friends. hahaha... good stuff! then they headed to pyramid for some bowling session. too bad i dont bowl. almost fell asleep in the bowling alley. sigh... hahaha... went to visit her at her workplace but she was too busy to layan me. sigh... what to do? hari raya hols. pyramid was packed with people! LoL... after that went home slept till it was dinner time. went for some dinner in Oriental in jaya supermarket. and the dinner ended with a karaoke session. some hidden talents were revealed. muahahaha... :P

i guess its just too late to turn back time now. i'm sorry for whatever wrong i'd done. i hope you could just give me one last chance. i promise i would cherish that! i'm really sorry girl. i hope you could understand. i <3 you with all my heart and all i have. one last chance? *winks*

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