Monday, November 10, 2003

Which Angel would you be?

i am actually an angel of love? LoL... i can be if i want to i guess. so anyone of you out there seeking love. come find me! i'll satisfy your needs. hahahaha... no ler. just if u need someone to talk to. come to me. i hope i can make your day. =)

hehe... wassup people! haven't been updating for a few days. well, life'd been normal i would say. nothing great happened. just felt lazier by the days. i wonder how is it when i start uni next year. sigh... oh yah! went down to MMU Cyberjaya on saturday morning to check out that place. it seems to be just like any other normal uni. passed by the up and coming LUCT. looks great even its like half way building. hmm... then went to church for youth service after that. there was a wedding on going in church. sigh... there goes another chic! although she's a bit too old for me, but she's like one of the best God could ever provide in my church. hehehe... :P

sunday came. was too lazy to wake up for the 1st service so woke up a bit late was online for awhile then went for service. came home went for lunch and a few games of snooker with laurent and my lousy brother. sigh... my brother actually "tar-pau-ed" me in that game. bloody sharp shooter! hahaha... :P rushed home and went for dinner at 6.30?~!~!~@?!@?~@!? coz they were afraid there were no tables in the restaurant. LoL... came home n watched the match between Manchester "The Red Devilz" United and Liverpool. too bad all you koppers out there. the match ended 2 - 1 thanks to 2 spectacular goals from Ryan Giggs. :P Man U roXXor! :P cheerz people! take good care!

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