Saturday, November 15, 2003

lalalalala... :p sorry for the late late reply! hehehe... well, there's nothing much to blog also actually. bleaks... life has been good(enough) to me. hehe... don't have to go through any bad things nor good things. things had been the way its supposed to be.(isn't that a good thing? haha... anyways...)
work had been kinda sucky lately. very very BUSY indeed. we're all getting ready for up and coming education fairs to bring in students to our college. if u all happen to be any of the edu fairs come to the Saito College booth and look for me okay? maybe we can go for a drink or something. hehehe... :P
yesterday(friday) was a great day. although it was a bit tiring at work but in the night, went to pyramid. waited for her to finish work and headed to ming tien for dinner. after dinner it was still early for our movie,(oh by the way we went to watch Disney's Brother Bear. very nice show indeed! recommended! :P) headed to giant bought her m&m minis her latest craze. hehehe... (dun angry ya?? *hugz*) headed straight home after that. we were both dead tired. LoL... well dats about it for my whole week i guess. tata! ciaos! take care!

p.s. got thiw webbie from a church friend. click here to more about great facts of life of you and me. =)

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