Friday, October 31, 2003

what a day today... in the office now and will be heading home later because i forgot to bring back a document for my mum to sign. sigh... pj all the way to puchong then back to pj just for a signature. lol... well, its still too early to say anything about today. :P

last nite... came home from office was stucked in the stupid jam for 1 hour. sigh... thanks to the broken pipe alone jalan puchong. headed straight to the basketball cum mamak outside my house where almost all the #al-ehsan/#hangout-ians were there playing ball. later that night, went down to atria to collect my network card under warranty after 6 freaking months! sigh... well, then were supposed to join #hangout-ians for a yam char session in jj corner ss2 but not many people went so i headed to church to meet up with my friend and we ended up in gazebo. sat for awhile before it was raining cats and dogs! stuck there for quite sometime. reached home at about 1 a.m. talked to her for almost an hour then we both decided to go to bed. i was kinda tiired too plus the nice cozy weather to sleep. hehe... that was the end of my not so complicated wednesday night. :)

cheerz!!! :P

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