Thursday, May 10, 2007

Hey all!

Again, its been a long long time! =P

Just some updates on what's been happening so far :-

- Went cycling on Labour Day. Headed down to Bukit Cerakah in Shah Alam for an early morning cycling session. Was at Ken Han's house at 8 a.m. but unfortunately some ppl made us wait, so we decided to head down to McD's to have breakfast. The people reached and we headed down to Bukit Cerakah. Started cycling at 9 a.m., finished our 1st session at 10 a.m. Took a break and went for a drink. 2nd session started right after that and it ended at 11 a.m. Overall, we had much fun cycling(pushing the bicycle) uphill & downhill. Chit-chatting(talking rubbish) and laughing our way through.

Bukit Cerakah is a nice place(sorry, no pics taken!). But too bad, it hasnt been really taken care of. Apparently, a few years back, the place was much nicer than now. Nonetheless, we had much fun ourselves. Anyone up for cycling anytime soon?

-Uni began. Got back my results. Failed 1 subject, have to resit 1 subject. Sigh... =( Thank God for the other 2(pass and credit). Tough life has begun, year 3 is no joke! Will be getting myself a laptop. It will definitely be more convenient that way. I can sense assignments piling up, projects to be finished even from now(1st week). Triple sigh... Its time to put more effort into it and finish up ASAP!(that's what everyone always say. well at least I tried!)

-Am also very very broke now. Anyone has any p/time jobs for me? I'm willing to do anything(sane that is!)!

Till then! God bless!

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