Saturday, May 26, 2007

Hey all!

Updates time again. Sorry for not updating. Not that I didnt want to update but blogger didnt want me to update. Been trying to update the past few days but everytime I log in, blogger seems to hang. Either it takes a long long time(until I'm fed up) to load or it just shows me a blank screen. So, BLAME it on blogger.

Anyway, in summary, these are some of the interesting things that happened.

Had a supplementary paper from the last final I sat(last semester) on Monday. Well, I didnt fail the exam neither did I pass the paper. So they offered me a supplementary paper so that I could pass it(with rainbow colors). The paper went well. It was "quite" easy. Thank God for that!

After EXAM, went to work straight. Was working in The Westin Hotel KL. Again, it was an event job with the same group of ppl I worked with the last Sony event but working a different event company(I know it sounds confusing but..). This time, it was Teradata Universe Conference 2007. This was a national level conference for their existing customers and potential customers. To know more about them, please click on the link above. Thanks! Anyway, this was a 2 day event. 1 day set up and the next day the conference itself. Quite a relaxing job as this is a smaller event compared to the Sony one. That night, spent the night at Dorsett Regency Hotel. Then after the conference, they had a cocktail party which we joined in as well. Drinks were FREE flow! Food was good but sadly, not many ppl attended the party as most of the conference go-ers left after the conference. Too bad for them, nevertheless, we all enjoyed ourselves! This is my 2nd event job and I'm definitely LUVIN' it. I guess this is what I do best and not to forget the bunch of ppl I work with. Its FUN with them around.

Then as usual, classes everyday after the event. Tests are coming next week. But this semester I only have 2 exam based subjects with 2 other assignment/project based subjects.

Was in church today. It was BIG DAY in church. We had skits/dramas by every team/age group. Some were FUNNY, some were un-understand-able, some were serious/"boring". All in all everything went well. There after, it was MAKAN time! This is what ppl enjoy most. We had some fried food as snacks, drinks and ice cream(not forgetting the fellowship). Wah! How fulFILLING could that be? You have to be there to know that I'm talking about. Well, to get to exoerience it, come every Saturday to RLC!

The next big event would Planet Shakers Australia. It will be happening on the 16th of June 2007 @ 2.00p.m. right here at Renewal Lutheran Church PJ. For more information, please visit If not, please do not hesitate to leave me a tag, email or whatever you can to to reach me!

Well, I guess that's all about now. Till then, take care and God bless!

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